Boris Johnson – the new Tory leader 2019.

What? I hear you cry, has Boris Johnson got to do with dogs?  Well, he hasn’t. Although, you could argue that the whole unpleasant political business of the past – goodness knows how long, is nothing but one messy heap of dog’s dinner.  Certainly, according to the group ‘Wooferendum’ set up to show Parliament what millions of people think about Brexit –  it does indeed, appear to be nothing but a dog’s dinner, dispensed from huge cans of ‘Pedigree Chumps’ used in their various campaigns.  You can find out about Wooferendum here:

Amongst many of his big promises, Boris Johnson has vowed to promote animal welfare.  Although he allegedly told a fellow MP that he was ‘toying with going vegan’, Boris has never shown any regard for animal welfare – indeed, in the past he has supported blood sports and has even claimed he supports bullfighting.  Now, he has suggested that rules used to tackle terrorism could be applied to activists against fox-hunting and in answer to a question posed by the Countryside Alliance during his leadership campaign, he said, “ while I am committed to animal welfare, I will not tolerate extremism, intimidation and abuse irrespective of what drives it”.  However, his partner, Carrie Symonds is a staunch supporter of conservation and animal rights, so like many of his promises, I guess we will have to wait and see.

Whatever your political views in general, or on the man who runs this country – now your dog can even chew over the political issues at foot! Available from Pet Hates is a fabric Boris Johnson dog toy with squeakers in his body and head.  If you’re feeling a little bit disillusioned, or just feeling downright outraged; toss this to your dog and gloat a little bit as he gets ‘ragged’ up.  Bear in mind though, that while the noise might temporarily drown out the political furor; the toy Boris is not indestructible – so take care your pooch doesn’t completely rip his head off.  It’s not exactly a mature thing to do, but could give some dog lovers a giggle and a vague feeling of satisfaction.  At least we aren’t likely to go around uttering the most flagrant and odious remarks; that quite frankly, comes under his own definition of abuse and intimidation and which should not be tolerated.

If you don’t laugh, you might very well cry – so here’s a link to the funny dog toys;

Oh, and according to Sky News, Boris is going to get a dog for number ten, so maybe he’d like one of the other choices of funny dog toy for his new pet – Teresa May.  Toodlepip.