If you have a dog, you need a good vacuum!

I have a thing about vacuums – mainly because I need to use one daily; (sometimes twice daily if I’m being truthful) and over my dog owning years, living with several hairy dogs in the house meant there was bound to be a time when I became a bit of a hoover bore. If I’m not writing for Holidays4Dogs, or walking Floss; I can usually be found cleaning up after Floss – hoovering comes with the territory of dog owning if, like me, you’re a bit ocd; (I have been known to vacuum my patio with a normal hoover. Blush).

So, a vacuum has to be up to the job for a start, but it also has to be other things – more recently, due to a move to a very small bungalow; for me, it had to be small enough to store away in a small space, but powerful enough to pick up dog hair, the like of which on some days, I could knit another dog with.

Holidays4Dogs has no affiliation with any special brand! – but we think our owners and carers alike might find the information about this recently purchased brand a useful review of a machine that makes light work of dog hair!  If you have pets and you’re thinking of buying a vacuum – read on!

Prior to this super dooper ‘Shark powered lift-away True Pet Vacuum’ I eventually decided upon; (doesn’t that sound snazzy!), I had previously purchased a rather cheap cylinder vacuum that I thought would be just fine for one small collie and, bonus, it easily fitted into my kitchen cupboard.  Sadly, after only eight months it threw in the towel and point blank refused to suck up anything, unless it was physically posted, by hand, into the tube.

Before this, (I told you I was a hoover bore!) I had another well known brand – a Dyson! I owned that same vacuum for twelve long years without any repairs being needed and it sucked up dog hair like a trooper to the end of its days; when ( I think) it sort of blew up, fizzling into hoover heaven with a last hearty splutter.  It had a jolly good innings.

So, for a few days I was hooverless and I sunk into a mild dour mood while I scraped black and white fur off the pale cream carpet with a rubber glove.  This couldn’t go on.

A few days later I vowed we would welcome a new vacuum into our home forthwith and I immediately got onto the internet to source a suitable new recruit.  My starting point was Argos, only because I like the convenience of being able to return anything personally to a local store if needs be.

I first perused the choice of cylinder vacuums because I wanted something that would dismantle into several parts for ease of storage.  But the choice was limited and besides, I have always previously favoured upright vacuum cleaners, perhaps because of some wistful memories of my Auntie Kathleen’s ‘Kirby’ – do you remember those?  I had a morbid fascination for the huge-great-metal-monster of a machine with a bag that inflated as it roared into ferocious action.  It’s up there with the equally perturbing ceramic nodding Buddha and the dolly with the crocheted dress and disheveled up-do that clung to a roll of Izal.  I digress.

Another consideration was price.  While I needed something with a certain industrial touch, I wasn’t about to pay telephone numbers for the privilege.  I capped my budget to around two hundred pounds, which made the other half wince a bit, even though I pointed out that many of the products on offer were worth the price of a small second hand car.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of toggling back and forth, reading reams of reviews and technical jargon I plumped for the ‘Shark’. I was impressed by the name if I’m totally honest, but also the generous five year guarantee and the glowing reports of its dog hair hoovering mastery.

The total price was 179 pounds, so under budget and always a bonus.  The Shark is uniquely designed to be adaptable to various cleaning jobs, with a detachable cylinder (leaving with you the ‘stick’ part that gets right underneath furniture) and a myriad of attachment tools, including the ‘pet power brush’.  Thus, the cylinder can be lifted off the main body and hand-held in order to reach stairs or, for above head cleaning.  Also, useful for car cleaning I would imagine, but I haven’t got this far yet.  It also has a retro look; a little bit awkward and square looking in way, but aesthetically it also suggests it’s a no-nonsense functional machine that does what it says on the box.

Indeed, it did! Not only did it seem to collect every dog hair in the place, (bar those still attached to the dog) it was quiet about it too.  This was a surprising additional benefit because all my previous hoovers, whether they were good at their jobs or not, always made a racket enough to set the whole neighbourhood off barking. Even Floss finds the volume of this one inoffensive and is far less perturbed by it. Once done, it fits into a small storage place quite well as its a little more sylph like than a lot of other upright vacuum cleaners.

When it comes to emptying, the Shark gives up its spoils with little argument and a lot less in the way of dust all over the carpet you’ve just vacuumed.  It has HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters which according to EU standards, means it removes 99.95% of particles that have a size greater, or equal to 0.3 micrometres. (That’s the yawny bit – but it does mean it’s not simply blowing smelly dog hair particles back out, as fast you’re sucking them up).  Oh and finally, it has headlights on the front!  Great for seeing into dim corners, or while singing your own rendition of “I want to break free” as you glide behind the, “advanced swivel steering”. 

If anyone is still awake and I’ve whetted your appetite to find out more about the history of the vacuum – try this little gem of a book ‘Fabulous Dustpan’ by Frank G. Hoover and William D. Ellis.  You can purchase from Amazon here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fabulous-Dustpan-Story-Hoover-Frank/dp/1258134845 

The ‘Shark Powered Lift Away ™ True Pet Vacuum – NV681UK can be bought from Argos or other leading stores and is well worth consideration if you own dogs or cats.