Little dog tales (part 1).

Last Friday I had an unexpected message from a friend of a friend about her dog.  She had been given a tiny Chihuahua a few weeks previous, but a couple of months on discovered she was expecting her third child and the puppy was just going to be too much for her to cope with.

Almost without question I agreed to foster her and that’s when the fun and games began!

Having always owned medium or large breeds such as collies, Labradors and German shepherds, having a tiny Chi puppy in the house was somewhat of a culture shock!

Peggotty, (Peggy for short), as she is so named landed into our lives quickly one Friday afternoon.  I went to see her about half an hour after her owner messaged me; she was looking for a loving new home for the puppy, someone who would give her more attention than she was able to offer.

I arrived at the house and her owner met me at the door with this tiny scrap of a thing in her arms.  I was welcomed into the house and walked past. Peggy growled at me.  Not the greatest of starts, but typical of a toy dog in arms, she was using her height to her advantage as a means of warning the ‘scary’ newcomer away.  Once inside, Peggy was placed on the sofa where I sat but since she could not get down, she had no means of escape.  She wouldn’t come near me and was clearly, quite a nervous puppy.  Despite all this, I agreed to take her.

Being so tiny she fitted neatly into a rabbit travel box which the owners lent to me.   Off we went and Peggy made no sound all the way home.  Once home, she wouldn’t come out of the box at first, but then finally she braved her new environment and after a few minutes, came rushing to me, wiggling from head to foot.  Floss the collie was not amused.

I kept the dogs separate for a while using a bit of trellis to make a barrier between the doorway.  Once Peggy had got used to the presence of another dog, I removed the barrier and put a muzzle on Floss, (just in case).

There was plenty of grizzling that ensued once they were ensconced in the same room and not always from Floss, which was a bit of a concern.  After a while, things settled down and that’s when the real fun started!

Having not had a new dog of my own for nigh on ten years and most certainly not such a tiny puppy, I have to admit I felt rather overwhelmed and, much like a new mother to a human baby; I was constantly on the go, ever watchful and frankly, exhausted!  Whether she stays with us or not depends on a number of factors, but Holidays4Dogs thought it would be nice to share stories about how little Peggotty is coming along.  Stay tuned!