If you love dogs, you will love these natural home made cleaners!

Whether you’re a dog owner of one single pooch, many or a Holidays4Dogs carer with lots of individual coming to stay; you’ll love these easy home made natural cleaners that will remove pet odours and stains in a jiffy, but carry less risk to the environment and less likely to cause allergic reactions with household members.

Even with just one dog in the house these days, I often have to deal with a lot of dog hair and sometimes mud being tracked through the house.  When I look after my son’s whirlwind Springer spaniel the doggy aroma, and inevitable muddy paw prints, double in quantity – especially now, as we are moving into the wetter autumnal season.

Like many people I imagine, I have been trying harder to be a little greener when it comes to buying chemicals as well as feeling I should be cutting down on the amount of packaging I buy.  It is beneficial for everyone, including our pets, to try and use more natural products for cleaning – ones that are less likely to cause reactions or allergies.

Plus, home made products work just as well (and they’re cheaper!); so here’s a couple of recipes that Holidays4Dogs recommend.

Vinegar based baking soda spray.

White vinegar is a brilliant solution as a basis for lots of cleaning jobs around the home – but (wink, wink) it works incredibly well on wee wee stains; even old accidents that you discover have happened behind the sofa some time ago.  If you pair vinegar with baking soda, (natures own de-odouriser!) you have a perfect combination for cleaning all manner of things.

What you will need:

2 cups of lukewarm water

2 cups of white vinegar

4 tablespoons of baking soda

An old spray bottle (make sure this is thoroughly washed before use).

Mix the vinegar and water in a bowl, then add the baking soda gradually (it does have the tendency to fizz up; so use a large bowl!).  Pour into a spray bottle and away you go!

Citrus based cleaner.

This one takes a little longer to prepare, but is worth doing as it is a brilliant deodoriser as well as being good for removing stains.  It needs to be made up and left for three months – but this is how the enzymes are cultivated – the ones that break down stains and smells on a molecular level.

What you will need:

7 tablespoons of brown sugar

About 1 – 2 cups of lemon and orange peel

I litre of water.

A large container to hold the contents – a large glass jar or two would be best.

Put the sugar into the container and add the citrus peel.  Next, add the water and tightly seal the container before giving it a good shake.  Loosen the lid to allow gasses to escape and after three months your cleaner will be ready to use.

Natural cleaners are always handy to have around if you have pets and make far better sense for the environment as well as being cheaper on the pocket!  Do you natural home made cleaning products?  If you have any other tips for Holidays4Dogs – please let us know and we will pass it on.