The Mud and rain – we feel your pain!

Is it me, or has it been the worst soggy winter thus far, for some years?  Every time I open the curtains and see a wet, dank day, my heart sinks at the prospect of yet another sopping wet dog walk and worse, the clean up job afterwards.

Every dog owner I meet these days is, like me, trudging along with their wind jammers done up to the neck, woolly hats pulled down tight, togged up in gloves and galoshes, striding through the rain, mud and wind with one or two bedraggled dogs in tow.  Some off lead dogs are running around with glee on their faces while the owners offer up a withering look of despair, knowing what delights are to come in the form of de-stinking the dog once they get home.

On one such walk, I met a chap with a Labradoodle puppy.  He was a big gangly standard poodle sized dog, with a humungous fluffy white coat; quite the whitest coat I have ever seen on a dog – although to be fair, only half was pure white, the bottom half being a lovely shade of brown, dripping with droplets of muddy water.  As the pup came bounding along I said to the chap, “goodness me! He must take a lot of cleaning up”.  The poor chap nodded with a deflated expression and on we both walked – or rather skated, across fields that have now become mud flats.

Buster the Springer spaniel absolutely revels in all this wet weather – even during the summer he is never hard pushed to find some sort of muddle puddle.  The other day, as I gingerly picked my way through a sludgy path, Buster had gone ahead, but then came rushing back, screeching to a halt before me in a tsunami wave of wet mud – which covered me from the knees down!  Off he belted again to wade in a nearby stream.

In this weather, everyone has their way of dealing with wet dogs.  I have lots of old towels, which seem to be permanent features in the house, draped here and there – ((lovely bit of décor going on there).  Peggy, being tiny, is easier to clean up and put in her crate for the final drying, but with Floss it takes longer and I have even had to resort to getting the hair dryer out and brushing the mud out of her coat.  Which then leaves me with a vacuuming/mopping job, to attend to – it’s a wonder I get anything else done during the day!

How have you been dealing with all this rain and wet dogs?  We would love to hear your tips and photographs of muddy hounds!