Tesla Cars and the possibility of a ‘Tesla dog mode’.

A Twitter user recently posted a question regarding Tesla vehicles and whether new models could feature a ‘dog mode’.  In reply, Elon Musk the product architect of Tesla cars (amongst other impressive stuff!) simply tweeted back, “YES”.

Back in 2016 Tesla launched its cabin overheat protection feature which was designed to keep children and pets safe in terms of temperature even when the engine is not switched on.  This technology was possible, in part, to Tesla’s extra large battery packs.

However, while the inside of the car may remain cool, this may not convince passers by that dogs left in the car are in fact safe.  Therefore, it was Josh Atchley who tweeted; “can you put a dog mode on the Tesla model 3 where the music plays and the ac is on with a display on the screen saying, ‘I’m fine my owner will be right back’”.

Another tweeter also suggested that the temperature of the interior is also displayed on a visible screen for passers by, to which Elon replied “Exactly”.

However, there is no guarantee that these suggested features will ever come to fruition, but signs are promising that in the $45,000 version at least, of the Model 3 Tesla Sedan, people with pets,( and plenty of money!) will have the benefit of this smart technology.

Watch on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_DrihvVTJA