Ways to deal with carrying dog poop on a walk.

Looking back at the recent snaps of our holiday in West Wales, I realised that most of the photographs of yours truly involved a conspicuous bag of doggy poop, dangling (in a most un-photogenic way) from my slightly outstretched arm. Now, I’ve got used to it at home because I know where the bins are and generally Floss seems to have a better routine when it comes to ablutions.

Not what I was looking for! A Dog Backpack to carry a dog.

But on holiday, in strange territory, it always seems to be that the minute we start off up the beach, or along the path, Floss just has to poop – which means I spend the next four miles carrying the encumbrance that is a bag of poop. Plus, if the weather is hot, it’s hardly pleasant on the old nose and I find my human walking companions tend to trot quickly ahead, or lag behind – depending on which way the wind is blowing!

I wondered whether to purchase a back pack for Floss, (so she can carry her own poop to the nearest dog bin!), so I did a quick internet search to see if I could find anything suitable.  What astonished me at first was that the main products on display before me were backpacks for dogs – but No, you don’t put them on your dog, you’re meant to put your dog in them!  I suppose this is along the lines of dog strollers and we’ve covered this in another Holidays4Dogs article, but when I came across a marketing picture of a chap carrying his Springer spaniel on his back, in a rucksack made for dogs, I just thought, why?

Ruffwear Hiking Pack for Dogs

I mean I suppose I could carry the dog and she might be less inclined to want to poop, but that would be no fun for me or her and, besides, it would be like carrying a sack of spanners with a mind of their own.  Nope; I can’t imagine why anyone would put a dog in a back-pack, (or a handbag come to that).

I moved swiftly on with my quest and found an amazing array of backpacks for dogs to wear.  Many are very sporty looking and sport considerably high numbers of pounds to purchase too!  The Pallisades ™ back pack from the company Ruffwear costs a whopping £169.95 (That’s a lot of lolly just as a means of stowing away doggy do for the duration of a walk!) Take a look on Amazon, there’s a huge range better priced.

Outward Hound Daypack

However, back packs are useful and there other makes such as this the ‘Outward Hound DayPak’, currently just under twenty pounds and available on Amazon. These look comfortable and practical and may suit the more average pocket.  If you’re planning a lot of long hikes, kitting your dog out with a back pack means he can carry his own supply of water, treats and pooh bags. Incidentally, back packs are often recommended for high energy dogs too, as it gives them an extra workout; but you can read about this in more detail on our other Holidays4Dogs article on this subject.

I wasn’t totally convinced Floss would take to carrying a rucksack of her own – after all she’s getting on a bit now at ten years old and she’s never had to carry her own bags before, so it seemed a bit mean to make her do it now.

Dickie Bag Dog Waste Bag

But then I came across the ‘Dicky Bag Dog Waste Bag’ and I thought; that’s a good idea! This handy product is made in Cornwall and according to the makers is a, “unique, patented award winning design” which means people who purchase one, never again have to carry a smelly dog bag around on their walks.   It’s waterproof and lightweight and attaches by a carabiner clip to your belt or rucksack.  You can purchase them on line by doing a quick search and there are several other makes of similar design and prices – some look rather like a small hiking bag that can be worn across the shoulder and hold other items such as poop bags and you dog’s favorite ball.

I am definitely going to get one of these – it’s going to look a lot more attractive on family photos, as well as being a lot less smelly and irritating to carry.