Alternatives to Dog Ownership.

Mandie BowenOwning a dog is a very unique and rewarding relationship, but not everyone has the right lifestyle or can commit to having a dog full time and may have to wait until their circumstances allow for the responsibility that comes with dog ownership.  Holidays4Dogs considers a few alternatives to dog ownership that can help people to experience the benefits of having a dog around, without the full time commitment.

Volunteering – most animal rescue centres are always on the look out for willing volunteers to walk and spend time with the dogs in kennels waiting for new homes.  As well as reaping the benefits of being around dogs on a regular basis, volunteers also help socialise, train and exercise the dogs, which makes them more likely to be permanently adopted by new families.

Fostering – fostering dogs for rescue charities is a good way to enjoy the benefits of dog ownership without committing long term to having a dog.  Most charities will pay for expenses such as any veterinary care and food until the dog can be found a permanent new home. You will also have support and back up and they will usually do their best match you to a dog that is going to suit you on a short term basis.

Become a carer for Holidays4Dogs – another excellent way to experience the joys of dog owning without committing to it full time, is to become a carer for Holidays4Dogs.  This way, you will also earn a wage for looking after dogs in your own home while people go on holiday, or are otherwise unable to look after their dogs for short, (or sometimes longer) periods.

Jan Mac photoApplying to become a carer is easy and as long as you do not work full time, have plenty of dog care experience and have a safe, secure, dog friendly garden becoming a dog host could be the perfect alternative to full time dog ownership.  It is ideal for people who mainly work from home, but who may have to periodically travel for work purposes.

Retired people especially, really enjoy becoming carers for Holidays4Dogs because they often have a lifetime’s experience of owning their own dogs.  They may have recently lost a pet of their own, but do not wish to enter into full time dog ownership again so that they have time to spend with grandchildren or to travel.

Carers are able to decide when they want to make themselves available for looking after dogs, so this can easily fit around other commitments such as holidays and travel or periods of other work.  Carers only ever accept dogs from one family at a time and most get to have those dogs returning again and again, so they get to know their four legged house guests really well.

There are plenty of alternatives to dog owning which still enable people to experience the bond between dogs and humans.  It is wonderful to be able to live with dogs in your home, but it is a commitment and having a dog can be tie when it comes to work, family life and travel – however, this need not prevent people from having connections with canine pals on a short term, or part time basis.