Misty the literary dog

Boo Goes to meet Misty

Well it’s just a short trip today to Kingswinford for myself and my human to meet a special literary dog, Misty. She is a very dapper Border Collie and the inspiration for the children’s book ‘Dognapped.’ by her owner David Robertson.

After the obligatory tail wagging, social sniffing and compliments about shiny coats, we get down to business with my questions.

Boo: So, Misty, I’ve read ‘Dognapped’ (well my human read it to me and I barked in all the right places) it’s a really fast paced adventure isn’t it?

Misty: I told Dave as I dictated it that it had to be. (it’s a good job he can understand what I’m barking about!)  It is for children aged around 7 to 11 years old after all and I know they like nothing more than a good, all action storyline.

By the way would you care for a biscuit?

Boo: Thank you. Yum, they taste home made.  Yoff, umf, scoff, nuff. Back to the book, the adventure involves some of your pals too. Are they pals in real life?  I mean I just LOVED One Eyed Rose!

Misty: Yes they are. I bumped into One-Eyed Rose the other day in fact and yes, before you ask she really does only have one eye. She had an accident when she was a puppy, but I have to say that she really is a happy little dog – and as crazy in real life as she is in the books. Of course, we only ever call her Rose to her face – we wouldn’t like to appear rude, would we?

Boo: The story gets quite hairy in places. (Excuse the pun) I mean, wow, the incident near the weir, I was on the edge of my seat! (Are you allowed on the furniture at home by the way?)

Misty in the book

Misty in the book

Misty: Yes it does make the fur on the back of your neck stand up, doesn’t it. And I rather like the part that the elephant plays to be honest – not the sort of creature that you would normally bump in to (literally!) at sea, is it?

(I do occasionally put my paws up on the sofa if I think no one is looking.)

Feel free to help yourself to some water from my bowl incidentally.

Boo: So, Misty in the book versus Misty in real life – any comparison?

Misty: Well I do go down to the canal every day, it is one of my favourite places. And I have been on a boat once or twice.

Before we finish can I just tell you that Dognapped! is now a finalist in The People’s Book Prize 2017, which means that Dave gets to have some posh nosh in London and appear on a Sky newscast. I’m going to stop at home and work on our next story though.

In the Dog House from publishers

David Robertson – Author of ‘In The Doghouse’

Something else that I’m really excited about – we both went to Leicester the other day to collect my next book, In The Doghouse! from the publisher. There we are with it in the photograph above.

Boo: Well thank you Misty. It’s been a pleasure. Thanks for the biscuits. Can I have your autograph please and maybe a pic for the album?

Misty and Boo

Misty and Boo