Caring for Dogs in Retirement.

As a Holidays4Dogs co-ordinator I interview many prospective new carers keen to join our team to look after dogs in retirement – many have owned dogs all their lives.  In fact, Holidays4Dogs favours retired or semi retired people to join us and care for clients dogs in their own homes.

Many of our carers who are retired no longer own dogs of their own because they prefer not to have the long term commitment of a dog – many wanting the option to travel more frequently, for instance.  However, the reason many retirees apply to become carers is because they also miss having a dog around; many have recently lost dearly loved pets and feel they cannot come to terms with getting another dog of their own because of concerns about what might happen to the dog should they become ill – being a home boarder for Holidays4Dogs works really well for people in this situation.

As well as this, our clients and their dogs really benefit from the wealth of experience that retired people have gathered with their own dogs over the years and because our carers are likewise appreciative of having lovely dogs around the home again, they are lavished with love and attention for the duration of their stay.2013 (June) Holidays4dogs007

Often our carers have wanted dogs in their lives for many years and for those in retirement, becoming a carer with Holidays4Dogs can make that dream come true while providing many upsides.

Any dog lover will understand the benefits of owning a dog, but amongst retired people this is probably appreciated even more.  Having a dog around, particularly for single retired carers, brings companionship and a sense of purpose after retirement, while being very flexible and allowing time for other pursuits.

If you are a retired person who no longer has a dog of your own for similar reasons, but miss the company of dogs, becoming a home boarder might just be the solution.

Having lots of different dogs to come and stay is an interesting and very rewarding – there is no outlay and of course, while benefiting from the company of some four legged friends at times to suit you, there are no food or vets bills to pay!George H with Bobby and Daisy

All of our carers get to meet clients and their dogs well before a stay is booked and we always carefully match dogs and carers, so you will always have the perfect dog to suit your circumstances.  You will probably find you make new friends along the way, human as well as canine and many of our carers have a solid stream of repeat bookings; lovely to be able to know that your favourite dogs will come back again one day to stay! – but nice to know that, rather like grandchildren perhaps – you can give them back again!

One owner recently left this lovely comment which we feel sums up a lot ”I feel we left our dog with the most perfect ‘Carers’ and collected him from friends….”