Famous Dogs in History – Sir Isaac Newton’s Diamond Dog.

Sir Isaac Newton; one of the most pivotal people in the history of mankind – a genius; monumental thinker – and avid dog lover!

Among many of his groundbreaking concepts was, of course, his theory of gravitational forces, which according to legend, almost never came to light because of the antics of a feisty little gem of a dog belonging to Isaac and going by the name of, ‘Diamond’.

The story goes that Isaac Newton almost had a nervous breakdown because of his treasured little dog.  One evening, Isaac was working on his scientific theories with Diamond keeping him company and a visitor knocked on the door.  As Isaac left the room to answer the knock, he left Diamond alone who was now very excited at the prospect of a visitor and began dancing excitedly around, unfortunately upsetting one of the many lighted candles, sat upon Isaac’s desk.

Chaos ensued as the candle set alight one of Isaacs manuscripts, completely destroying it.  It is said that Isaac was not the sort to scold his dog under any circumstance and only mildly chastised the dog exclaiming, “ Diamond, little do you know the mischief you have caused me!”

However, with the catastrophic loss of months of work, it is said that Isaac fell into a deep depression that lasted for months.  In fact, it allegedly took Isaac another whole year to reconstruct the lost work.

Nobody really knows whether the tale is true or not, but everyone knows what it’s like to live with a canine whirling dervish – its just that most of us are unlikely to lose a life’s work in the process.  Diamond is probably very lucky that Isaac chose not to include him in his research on gravitational force by launching him through the nearest open window!