Pet Cemeteries.

There are many pet cemeteries across the UK that cater for pet lovers who want a dignified cremation or burial for their beloved dogs, cats and other animals.  In fact the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria (APPCC) estimate that there are about 75 pet cemeteries in the UK who offer to cremate or bury domestic pets from hamsters to horses.

It is always a painful time when a pet is lost and harder still if a decision has to be made to euthanize.  With the death of a much loved pet there are also considerations to be made regarding what to do with the body and, if the pet’s death was sudden, some owners are left feeling the only option is to leave the pet’s body for the vet to deal with.

It really depends on your own feelings and views and there is no right or wrong opinion.  Some people are satisfied to allow their vet to deal with the body and would rather honour the spirit of the dog rather than the body.  Other people may hold the view that they expense of a burial or cremation would be better spent on a living pet, or donated to an animal charity.

Many people are able to bury their smaller pets in the garden, but dogs and cats can pose a problem for those with small plots or unsuitable landscaping.  You may have little information to hand regarding private pet cremations and burials but it is always worth talking to your vet ahead of time as they may well have contacts for pet crematoriums in your area.

If you opt for a cremation you can still keep your pets remains at home, or scatter them in an appropriate place.  Prices will vary nationwide, but in my own area of Worcestershire prices vary from £31 – £155 for an individual cremation depending on the size of the pet, with ashes being returned to the owner in a velvet bag or range of caskets.  Communal cremation will cost considerably less, but in this case, naturally ashes cannot be passed back to the owner.

For cemeteries where you can actually bury your pet, you may have to travel a little further as there are only around 25 places around the UK that carry out this service.  Individual burials are a more costly option starting from around £250, but on top of this are extras such as headstones and bespoke coffins and prices for these will vary considerably from one cemetery to another.

If you would like to consider either cremation or burial for your pet, Holidays 4 Dogs advises you consult the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria for members who operate services and abide by their strict code of practise.