Holidays 4 Dogs Asks – Has Politics Gone to the Dogs?! 

The shockwaves of the 2015 general election will still be reverberating around the country, in what some reporters are calling a,” seismic shift” in British politics which has been felt around the world.

As far away as Sydney, Australia the papers are calling the British election result, “brutal”, with one party, “swallowing it’s junior partner whole” and the smaller party taking a, “huge, painful chunk out of it’s larger rival” – it all sounds rather like a nasty dog fight.

Many people are so disengaged with the British political system, like me, they refuse to go anywhere near the ballot boxes.  But, far from being un-caring about issues that affect not just the individual but society as a whole – non-voters (at least all the ones I’ve met) care deeply about what goes on in the world, but they cannot extend this to voting for a system that do not have any trust in.

Confidence in politicians is waning – perhaps that explains the results; but whatever the case, in 1944 statistics showed that 36% of people, (still not that great) thought that politicians were doing their best for the country; in 2015 that number is a mere 10%.

And, in what many would see as a highly critical condemnation of modern British politics, an on-line poll carried about by a dog biscuit brand found that three quarters of the British public would trust a fictional dog to run the country over a politician – and by a huge margin.

In this dog-eat-dog world of politics, Lassie and Gromit came out on top as the most trusted characters to run the country.  In fact, 70% of people in the poll would rather have a fictional dog to run than country over David Cameron.  Perhaps Gromit would struggle less to eat a bacon sandwich and more to the point, would make less of an issue out of it and be trusted to explain how he was going to secure a better future for his kids instead. Lassie’s track record in rescue missions puts her (him) into the lead as a better candidate to save the country than any others currently on offer.

Whatever one thinks of Piers Morgan, he certainly believes that, “Britain’s pathetic political class is going to the dogs” and a day before the election he announced he would be voting for the little known Animal Welfare Party, which campaigns for animal rights, the environment and health.

While many people might pooh pooh the idea of a political party for animals, the reality is that such parties are already achieving success in countries such as Germany and the Netherlands, where there are 20 representatives at various levels in Government.

The Animal Welfare Party believes their vision can create a fairer world for people, animals and the environment.  Their key policies include, improving human health and saving NHS funds and protecting the environment and global food issues by promoting healthy plant-based diets.

We all know dogs have special skills from helping people with disabilities to detecting seizures and cancer, so perhaps our dogs may be more astute than we think when it comes to actually voting – maybe the British Government ought to figure out a way to make their votes count?

Plenty of dogs turned up at polling stations and a Twitter trending storm began yesterday morning when Newsnight presenter Evan Davis twittered whether anyone knew if you were allowed to takes dogs into polling stations.

There were plenty of responses from fellow dog owners who also wanted to know if they could keep their dogs entertained by combining a dog walk with voting.  Echoing the dog biscuit poll, one person tweeted about his dog, “actually, as a candidate she’d do better than the humans ones!”, while another said, “If it was possible, I’d vote for a dog as next Prime Minister”.

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