Safety tips when advertising puppies for sale.

One of our Holidays4Dogs followers asked us to write an article on safety tips when selling puppies after reading a recent story about the theft of a pregnant bitch.

Dog theft has been on the increase in recent years, no doubt due to the sort of money that many pedigree (and crossbred dogs), now fetch.  However, it seems that thieves are going to extreme lengths to target breeders of puppies with the intention of stealing pregnant females or even whole litters of puppies and this is a new problem that has been on the increase in recent months.

There are a few precautions that owners can take to ensure that they too don’t become victim to dog theft.

Never advertise puppies with pictures that might include clues about where you live.  Never give out your address until you know that someone genuinely wants to visit.

Take details of any prospective purchaser before they come to visit, including a telephone number and address.

Make sure someone is with you when people come to view the puppies.

It’s always good practice to communicate with prospective purchasers either on the telephone or via e-mail to establish what sort of dog they are looking for and what type of home life they can offer.  This is important since you will want to establish that your puppies are going to a good home and you can get a feel for a person if you speak to them a couple of times, prior to their visit.  You could even consider putting up a questionnaire on your advert and state that you will only answer inquires from people who have responded fully to all the questions.  This will help to put less genuine people off.

Be wary of people who seem uninterested in the specifics’ of your puppies, such as relevant health checks, temperament etc and anyone who appears to want a ‘quick deal’.  The selling and purchasing of puppies should be something that involves a two way discussion over a period of time and not a snap decision on either side.

It’s a good idea to take detailed photographs to keep on file just in case the worst should happen.  Take pictures of your dog (and any puppies) from front, rear and side angles, along with pictures of any particular markings.

It’s a good idea to insure your dog and in the event of theft the insurance company will cover the cost of advertising to find your pet.  If your dog is stolen you can report this to the police as well as the National Pet Register and Animal Search UK.