Why are Cockapoos so popular?

The cockapoo has fast become one of the most popular dogs of choice in the UK and have almost become more favoured than many of our traditional purebred pedigree dogs.  Just why does the cockapoo have such an avid following?  Holidays4Dogs finds out.

A cockapoo is a hybrid dog that comes as a result of a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle.   While in the past cross bred dogs were regarded as ‘mongrels’ or ‘mutts’, many people who breed cockapoos currently put a lot of thought and effort into breeding puppies that have excellent temperaments and health.

The cockapoo originated in the United States in the early 1960’s but possibly earlier and despite the first litter bred being an accidental mating, the idea of this particular cross was quickly established and their popularity grew.  In the U.S. as here in the UK, many cockapoo clubs sprang up, with some pressing for official recognition of the breed and some clubs formulating their own breed standard.

dog sitting, pet sittingCockapoos are not recognised by the UK Kennel Club, (neither are they in the U.S.), so there is no formal breed standard to adhere to.  This means that, cockapoos vary in their appearance and personality which is undoubtedly one of the attractions of these super little dogs.  In fact, many people would argue that going down the official breed standard route, would spoil the breed and possibly create health further issues.

While many people believe that cross bred dogs possess ‘hybrid vigour’ there are, nevertheless, several genetic diseases that can affect cockapoos.

These are the conditions that potential owners should be aware of if they are considering purchasing a puppy; PRA, Hip-Dysplasia, Familial Nephropathy (a condition suffered by English cocker spaniels), Retinal Dysplasia, Von Willebrand disease Type 1.

Their adaptability means that cockapoos are good at fitting into a variety of roles from companion dog to therapy dog; from agility dog to sniffer dog.  They adore people and other dogs and can usually get on with other pets in the household – although as with any breed introductions should be taken carefully.

Cockapoos are highly intelligent dogs and despite their small stature they do need a fair amount of exercise and mental stimulation.  Both cocker spaniels and poodles are intelligent breeds and a combination of the two means that the cockapoo is as bright as a button, with a sweet a cheerful temperament.

These delightful dogs have a real happy-go-lucky nature and they are just as happy accompanying you on various outings as they are cuddling up with you on the sofa.

They are quite easy to train and very happy to be engaged in games and activities.  Because they bond with people so well, they can sometimes suffer from separation anxiety; although this very much depends on the temperament of the parents.

These cute little pooches really are superb little dogs that make excellent pets as they are so adaptable in nature.  Although they are fairly small dogs, they have huge personalities and their size means they are great for sofa cuddling, relatively easy to pick up, but not too small that they can’t enjoy a good romp around with other dogs.