5 Independent dog breeds; (if you would rather not have a Velcro dog!).

There are many different breeds of dogs in the world, all with different characteristics and personalities.  Whether you prefer a dog that sticks to you like glue and hangs on your every word, or one that prefers the sofa and his own ‘thoughts’; there’s a breed of dog to suit everyone.

It is true that the majority of people want a dog for companionship and affection, but some people prefer an independent breed that enjoys company, but is also happy to do their own stuff.

Breeds that are more independent however, still need as much care and attention as any dog. It certainly does not mean that they can be left alone for hours in the hope that they will be happy with this arrangement.

Independent dogs are just as intelligent as the next, but they do tend to prefer to do things are their pace, which means they can be more challenging than breeds that thrive on direction all the time.

Holidays4Dogs has compiled a list of 5 breeds that are generally regarded as being independent.  However, it must be stressed that not all puppies within a particular breed will be the same, as traits still differ between individual dogs of the same breed.

Siberian Husky – Holidays4Dogs has written about Huskies as pets before, so if you want to take a look at this breed in more detail, follow are other articles on the website.  Huskies are a popular breed, but they are not for everyone because of their tendency to be independent along with a strong desire to roam – (they can be persistent escape artists!).  They are generally not ‘clingy’ dogs and therefore can be a challenge to train; however, they are very sweet natured and loving with their family, but tend not to constantly beg for attention.  If you have the patience for training and have a secure environment, the husky can make a laid back family pet.

Beagle – the Beagle is a small compact little hound but can be fiercely independent and sometimes difficult to manage as a result.  Once they get their noses down and focused it can be hard to get their attention!  Although they can be on the stubborn side, they do make happy and playful companions with a family that can ensure they are exercised enough and not left alone for long periods.

Greyhounds – another breed that Holidays4Dogs has written more in-depth articles on and they do make lovely, gentle pets in the right household.  They are a very quiet breed with sweet, loving natures but they are not known for their need to please their owners!  That said, they are a breed that suffers from separation anxiety and while they might not want to constantly engage with you, they don’t take too kindly to being left alone for very long either.  Many greyhounds don’t require as much exercise as you might think as they are built for short spurts of speed, not stamina.  However, because of their strong prey drive, many cannot be let off the lead unless they are in a safe, enclosed area, away from livestock or other small prey (including cats!).

Shar-Pei – this ancient breed of dog definitely has an aloof nature and they will accept being left alone more than some other breeds.  This is not to say, however, that they will tolerate excessive amounts of time being on their own, but they are said to be more amenable to ‘me’ time.  They are calm dogs but can also be rather strong willed, so like many other breeds with an independent streak, they can be harder to train.

Jack Russell – although these engaging and gregarious little dogs can make great pets for energetic families, their independent streak can make them more of a challenge when it comes to following instructions!  Many have strong hunting instincts and so they might not always get along with other dogs or other household pets, such as cats.  While they are generally not a breed that constantly vies for their owner’s attention, they do get bored easily, so it is essential to keep them well exercised both mentally and physically to ensure they don’t get into too much mischief.

All the dogs we have mentioned here can make lovable and loyal pets in the right home, but if you want a dog that hangs on your every word, you might want to consider other canine candidates!