Canine Fun and Games!

Games and tricks are a great way to interact with your dog and build a strong bond that will help you in other areas of obedience. Fun for your dog and you, this Holidays 4 Dogs article will suggest a few ideas for games with your canine companions, either with your own dog or whether you are Holidays 4 Dogs carer looking after guest dogs.  These are only a few suggestions – please feel free to add your own ideas!

• Find it! – Put your dog in another room and hide a toy – let him in again and ask him to find it. Start the game simply with the dog still in the same room, get him to sit or ask someone to hold him, let him see where you put the toy at first, then make it more difficult, by turning him away so he can’t see – then finally get him to wait behind a closed door while you hide the toy in more and more difficult places.
• Hide and seek – same principle as above but teach your dog to find another family member.
• Teach your dog the names of all his toys and get him to fetch them one by one.
• Find the treat – from underneath a towel or cups.
• ‘Touch’ – the start of target training – get your dog to touch your hand or a target stick, or a post it note with his nose. Using this principle you can then teach your dog to close a door (once he is targeting a post it note, stick it to a door).
• Teach him to retrieve your remote control or mobile phone – start with dummy objects first.
• Obstacle/mini agility course – either around the house if big enough, or around the garden. Use garden canes, cushions, chairs and children’s hoopla hoops.
• Yorkshire pudding game – take a Yorkshire pudding or cup cake tin – the sort with 6 cups – place a treat in each cup and place a tennis ball over some of the treats. Once the dog gets the idea that if he knocks the ball out of the way he will find another treat, you can then place treats under just some of the tennis balls.
• Spin – teach your dog to spin on cue – use a treat to guide him round either to the left and then to the right.
• Weave – teach your dog to weave in and out of your legs. To start, stand with your legs wide apart and lure your dog round and through in a figure of eight, once he has got the hang of this take a step and so on and so forth until your dog is weaving in a straight line.
• Perfect for Christmas – wrap a new dog toy or doggy chew in lots of different layers of paper and let your dog un-wrap!

Let us know how you get along! Have fun!!