When I want to book the same Holidays4Dogs carer again can I contact them direct?


You may call your regular dog carer to see if they are free on the particular dates you require but do ALWAYS follow up with an online booking request or contact Holidays4Dogs directly. ALL stay requests with our carers must be made through your Holidays4Dogs office contact or on-line via our booking site. Holidays4Dogs cannot be held responsible for any booking request we did not know about. If speaking to your carer we STRONGLY suggest that you book these dates right away. All bookings are confirmed on a first come, first served basis. Repeat bookings can be made via our unique booking site  by selecting ‘New Holiday – existing Carer’. Your carer will reply to you with a confirmation acceptance or rejection within 3 days. If a carer is unable to accept your dog’s dates of stay you will be contacted by Holidays4Dogs who will endeavour to offer you an alternative, closely matched and available carer to meet. Alternatively you may cancel your booking request without charge.

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