CBD for dogs.

CBD – or Cannabidiol has in recent months become a trend among fans of health and wellness habits and can even be found in well-known high street health stores across the UK.  The numbers of people using cannabis oil in this country has doubled over the past twelve months.

There are two main compounds found in the cannabis plant – THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol ) and CBD.  THC is the chemical that causes side effects of a psychological nature and is renowned for making recreational users ‘high’.  Cannabidiol does not have a psychoactive effect, but still seems to work as an anti-anxiety remedy as well as a pain reliever.

In short, what we are talking about is the difference between two parts of the Cannabis sativa plant – Marijuana and hemp.  The content of THC in marijuana is usually between 10 and 15 percent, but hemp on the other hand only contains 0.3 percent or less.  Hemp has a much higher content of CBD which provides therapeutic effects without causing intoxication in either people, or dogs.

While CBD has surged in popularity as a remedy for many human ailments including depression, there has been recent research of the effects of CBD on animals.

Some people may still be wondering whether CBD is legal in the UK and indeed it is – but only for human consumption.  You can buy it quite openly and it appears to be a very safe remedy for pain, anxiety and depression in people.

However, it is NOT legal to administer CBD to dogs (or other pets); though many pet owners are doing just that and purchasing CBD products meant for human consumption to help with their pets health and wellness.

That said, there is a grey area of the law in that vets can prescribe human CBD for dogs.  You can read the Veterinary Medicines Directorate statement on this point here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/vmd-statement-on-veterinary-medicinal-products-containing-cannabidiol

So how does CBD work?  In humans and other mammals there are cannabinoid receptor sites which are located in the brain, nervous system and immune cells, which make up what is known as the endocannabinoid system.

Studies have already shown that many cannabinoids can help with pain, seizures, muscle spasms, (as seen in diseases such as Parkinsons), skin conditions, anxiety, depression and other conditions of the nervous system.

In dogs, CBD is alleged to help with conditions such as arthritis, digestive problems and other issues such as aggression and acute anxiety.  There are also studies being carried out on its efficacy in conditions such as Type 1 diabetes and cancer.

There have been veterinary studies in the US that have strongly suggested that CBD has a clinical effect on animals, but while there has been a tremendous surge of interest in this supplement here in the UK, many experts are calling for the development of more clinical studies and trials that can establish the true benefits of CBD for humans and pets alike.

N.B. This Holidays4Dogs article is for information and interest purposes only.  We do not advocate administering products to pets that are not legally allowed in the UK, nor do we accept liability for anyone doing so. For any issues relating to the health and welfare of your dog, we thoroughly recommend you seek qualified veterinary advice.