How Are Pets in the Face of the Ukrainian Crisis?

The devastating news of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has caused refugees to flee in their thousands to the border nations of Poland, Romania and Hungary; and many of them are taking their much loved pets with them.

Thankfully, the three main Eastern European Countries, who are sheltering the majority of refugees at the moment, have relaxed their requirements for documentation for pets.  This means that nobody who wants to take their pets across the border will have to provide vaccination or microchipping papers for their pets, due to an emergency exemption.  All they need to is fill in a form at the veterinary centres set up at the borders.

However, for entry to Romania there is a limit on only five pets per person and already there are reports being made to PETA, (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), that some people are being denied entry with their cats and dogs, despite official statements relaxing the rules on cross border travel for animals.

PETA in the UK have written to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to follow suit with relaxation rules so that Ukrainian refugees can enter the UK with their pets.

Without the relaxation of rules, many thousands of vulnerable animals would be left behind, leading to a much greater welfare issue than is already predicted and PETA urge owners not to leave their pets behind.

However, undoubtedly, many animals, including farm animals household pets will be left behind, or trapped in a war zone, with their owners who have chosen to stay or, who are unable to leave.  PETA in Germany has organised the delivery of 2 tons of dog and cat food to be distributed to animal shelters and pet owners who are unable to leave.

How can we help?

Use social media to urge the UK Government to relax rules on pets entering the UK with refugees.  You can comment on the Facebook page for DEFRA or, contact them directly.

Euro Group for Animals is coordinating with other organisations who are seeking to support people and their animals caught up in this devastating situation.  You can find more details on their website here;

If you would like to help financially, these organisations are accepting donations;


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