WINNIES WALKS – A series of short walks for you and your dog

Winnies Walks are a series of short walks for little legs on varied terrain – from beach strolls to mountain scrambles. We will talk you through each walk from a dogs eye view. (Winnies comments appear in italic type and are useful considerations for your pooch) Sometimes accompanied by photos or video footage, we will concentrate on describing terrain and points of interest, as well as they all important pit stops for drinks and biscuits!


WINNIE Is a Jack Russell cross Poodle who loves nothing more than putting on her harness and heading off to pastures new to explore with her pal Boo.

 WALK 1 – Victoria Quay and Batson Creek, Salcombe, Devon

2.5 mile linear walk (Or, as Winnie calls it, A there and back again walk)

We are holidaying on the beautiful south Devon coast in a small dog friendly fishermans’ cottage situated on the picturesque quay side of Victoria Quay in Salcombe. The cottage is an ideal base for exploring the town, and for pursuing paddle sports in the sheltered harbour with its many inlets that branch off from the estuary. It’s also a great base for trips to see the beautiful South Hams countryside and beaches.

This is a walk that starts right on the doorstep and takes us around one of the prettiest inlets – Batson Creek, and then on to a lovely outcrop with some stunning views – Snapes Point. You can start this walk from Shadycombe car park, but we start at Victoria Quay on a sunny afternoon.

(Note from Winnie: If its busy, there will be lots of human feet to negotiate on the narrow pathways, get ready to play dodge the legs!)

Walk along Victoria Quay away from the town and then follow Island Street out to Shadycombe car park.

(Winnie: Avoid the many buckets that are being used as temporary housing for crabs caught by budding young anglers. I recommend that you don’t put your nose in!)


Winnies walks 1 map1. Turn right and walk through the Boat Park and join a new path that parallels the road that leads to the head of Batson Creek. Take care in the boat park, it is usually a hive of activity.

2. Follow the length of the gravel pathway up to the head of the creek. Just before the end of the creek there is a relic from the areas industrial past – a lime kiln.

(Winnie: Boo just had to go and explore – me, I’m sure there are goblins inside.)

3. At head of creek at Batson, turn right up lane signed as no through road.

4. Head on to Snapes Manor and then turn left through kissing gate and walk up the footpath.

(Winnie: I do not understand these kissing gates, you have to time your move just right. I make a quick dash for it that seems to be the best tactic.)

The footpath leads takes you to the rear of the manor house and up old green lane.

(Winnie: I wouldn’t recommend a swim here – it’s a bit muddy, your human might want to put you back on the lead if you don’t want to suffer the indignity of a bath when you get home!)

5. At the top there is a signpost for ‘Snapes Point’. Follow the track downhill. As you near the creek, turn left following the sign. Continue to viewpoint and enjoy the views!

(Winnie: it’s a bit blowy up here today and not the place to play ball in case it – and you – disappear over the edge!)

6. Time to get your camera out. The views from here are delightful – as well Batson Creek you can see Southpool creek, up the estuary towards Kingsbridge, and miles and miles of sea. And of course there is a picture post card view of Salcombe town itself.

7. Return by retracing your steps, back to Batson Creek and back to the Boat park where we stopped for refreshments – lovely coffee and cake and the Crab Shed . (Winnie: And the thoughtful proprietors put out a bowl of water for me and Boo too)