Why become a dog carer with
Holidays 4 Dogs?

Due to the overwhelming demand from dog owners who continually use our service, we are always looking for more genuine dog lovers to join our team of Holidays4Dogs approved carers.

We have approved carers all over the country and have lots of dogs needing a holiday with us.

We always welcome new dog carers to join our busy team of dog loving, experienced and home based carers.

Our approved carers love to care for a guest dog! This is an opportunity for you to commit to the role of being a Holidays4Dogs carer. If you love dogs, have time at home and would welcome a little extra income this is the job for you.

Being a Holidays4Dogs dog carer means that you provide a temporary home for dogs while their owners are away. As a dog carer for Holidays4Dogs, you offer a home-from-home experience for the dogs in your care, ensuring they receive love, attention, and care in a safe and comfortable environment.

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The Benefits of Being a Holidays4Dogs Carer

  • Work from home with dogs.
  • Choice of guest dogs that suit you, your home, location, circumstances and availability.
  • The comfort of knowing that you are part of the Holidays4Dogs approved network of carers with 24/7 support.
  • No upfront cost or investment on your part.
  • Insurance cover.
  • Part of a network of like-minded dog lovers, working together to meet customers’ needs.
  • All Marketing and administration taken on by Holidays4Dogs making life easy for you.
  • Control of your own availability via your carer profile login.
  • Introductions to dogs before any stay to make sure you are happy to accept.
  • Well established market leader dedicated to give the best service possible for our carers, owners and dogs.

Basic Requirements to Become a Dog Carer

Our standards for a Holidays4Dogs approved carer are high, but if you can answer YES to the questions below, we would be delighted to speak to you.

  • Are you an experienced dog lover?
  • Can you give a dog plenty of loving care and attention throughout the day?
  • Are you at home during the day and have no young children?
  • Are you fit and active?
  • Are you a non-smoker?
  • Do you rent or own your own home?
  • Do you have a secure and dog friendly garden?
  • Do you have direct walking access to the countryside or parks?
  • If you own your own dog is it highly sociable with other dogs?
  • “It’s such a lovely job. We Carers get to have such lovely dogs to live in with us and the lucky owners get to have their holiday without the stress of putting their dog in kennels. A win-win situation! New Carers are always welcome and are vetted to see their home and garden are suitable, there’s always support and you get pocket money too! How good is that?! So if you work from home or are retired and can help an owner by looking after their dog safely, give Holidays 4 Dogs a call. Simply the best!”

  • It's great to have a reason to go for a walk on the Westwood on a beautiful morning and to have a lovely welcome when I come in. Also great to know we can choose when to have a dog, so we can go away ourselves whenever we want. It's nice to have 'regulars' now - in fact our current 'guest' jumped out of her owner's car and ran to the door, barking to be let in!

  • I have been a carer with Holidays4Dogs for about 18 months and have to say it's one of the best things I have ever done. It can be a lonely existence being retired and living on your own and being a lifelong dog lover having owned Golden Retrievers,this was the perfect solution. I can have dogs of my choice to stay and at times to suit and have all sorts of breeds. All have been an absolute pleasure to have, and many are now repeat bookings. Everything is provided for their stay by their owners, and you have the piece of mind of H4D backup. I would not hesitate to recommend this to any dog lover. Special mention to Louise Radcliffe, Holidays4Dogs Cambridge and Suffolk who has been superb throughout.

  • As a new Carer this year, I very much enjoy having different dogs to stay. All my dogs that have come are having repeat bookings for next year which is great. My grandchildren love having dogs to walk and Nikki at Holidays4Dogs keeps me up to date. I find the online calendar easy to manage.

  • I love every bit of it! Every dog is different but I love them all. They all have their own personality.

  • I have had a good lot of dogs ,and enjoyed them all. It gets me out and they are good company as I'm on my own.

  • I really enjoy being a carer with Holidays4Dogs and find it very reassuring that there is always someone at the end of the phone at H4D who are able to put my mind at rest that I am doing the right thing. Everyone I have been in touch with at Holidays4Dogs have always been most kind and helpful. I am happy and proud to be part of H4D.

  • Holidays4Dogs are an absolutely first class organisation setting very high professional standards covering care of the dogs, consideration of owners' needs, keeping carers informed and well supported.  So thorough and it all makes me feel proud to be a Holidays4Dogs carer.

  • Dog caring makes me very happy. I wouldn't like to have a dog full time so this is perfect from my point of view. The owners are lovely people and are always so happy to see that their dogs have been happy here.

  • It seems some time ago now since I saw that Holidays4Dogs had reached my area and I plucked up the courage to ring. You kindly came out to visit and the rest is history as they say! It did not take long before I had a few bookings, all enjoyable, and since then it has grown so much that I can hardly fit a holiday in for myself!! All "my dogs" are special in their own way and the only sad times for me are on the day that they are leaving.  It is such a rewarding job and I love every minute of it. The owners always tell me that they are pulled all the way to my front door, eager to get here, which is nice to hear. My own dog will be 14 on her next birthday and could not cope with a dog who was wanting her to play all the time so now I accept quiet sociable dogs which suits us both best. It is a lovely experience and I wouldn't change any of it. I am 72 now and I am sure my guest dogs keep me young so I  hope that I can carry on for some time yet, I would so miss them all.  

  • l love having these dogs to stay. I have always had dogs of my own so looking after dogs for other people gives me great pleasure, taking them walks and getting to know there little ways.

  • It's ideal being able to enjoy the dogs but without the full time commitment. I love each and everyone we've had and thankfully they have all come back to us or are doing in the future.

  • My Husband and I really enjoy looking after and caring for the dogs that are on their holidays with us. We have had a number of different types of dogs from Dachshunds to Labradors to Heinz 57, all lovely characters. When we lost our two Shih Tzu's (Mercedes & Jules) I didn't want another dog yet, but this gives us the opportunity to have a dog again by to look after and give their owners peace of mind when they go on holiday. A home environment is so much better than kennels. I know my 2 bubbles would not have survived kennels. I think it is a great idea.

    LIZ - KINGS LYNN Dog Carer

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