All bookings, either confirmed or pending are subject to Holidays4Dogs Terms and Conditions.

Submission of a Booking constitutes acceptance of these terms and your continued use of our services confirms your acceptance of the terms in force each time you use Holidays4Dogs.

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Holidays4Dogs Terms and Conditions of Service

Section 1. Booking

  1. You agree to meet your choice of carer to match your dog’s needs as soon as possible and that a visit is necessary for all parties on all first time bookings. Special circumstances where extreme distances are involved or emergency short notice stays are required; the carer reserves the right to refuse a booking without having met you and your dog. A very open and honest discussion beforehand must be made with re-assurance from you that your dog has ‘no issues’.
  2. You agree that confirmation of your booking is only made by paying the booking fee to Holidays4Dogs via credit/debit card, direct transfer. Only once a booking fee has been received is your dog’s stay confirmed with your dog’s carer and your dog accepted.
  3. The minimum stay is two days at the daily rate. Fees are subject to change (see website for up-to-date fees)
  4. Once the booking fee has been paid to Holidays4Dogs, it is then your responsibility as the owner to pay your dog’s carer their expenses direct. You are notified of the carers expenses before booking. This is to be paid by you at the beginning of the stay – cash preferred (negotiable with individual carer).
  5. Giant breeds carer expense supplement of £4/day/dog. The carer also reserves the right to charge up to £5/day extra expense for a puppy under their care. Your carer will notify you before the stay if this is the case.
  6. You agree that you will undertake the necessary visit to the carers own home in good time before your dog’s stay and where possible within 10 days of making contact with the carer. This pre-visit must have a mutually satisfactory outcome before your dog’s stay is confirmed with the carer.
  7. You agree to contact Holidays4Dogs within 3 days of meeting your dog’s carer. If you are unhappy, for any reason, every attempt to provide an alternative carer will be made.
  8. You agree to make the booking payment within 10 days of your initial enquiry and 4 days after having made a carer visit. You understand that provisional bookings are not accepted. Holidays4Dogs cannot be held responsible for keeping bookings open any longer than ten days without contact.
  9. You agree to provide full care details for your dog’s stay including veterinary, vaccination and microchip details and emergency contact details either online or over the telephone.
  10. You agree that should you return from holiday early and decide to collect your dog before the end of your booking you will not be entitled to any refund of the booking fee. Any carer fee refund will be at the discretion of your dog’s independent carer.
  11. You understand that the booking fee to Holidays4Dogs is non-refundable.
  12. You agree that in the unlikely event of your dog’s carer being no longer available due to exceptional personal circumstances, you will be contacted by Holidays4Dogs and where possible an alternative suitable carer will be offered. Holidays4Dogs shall do the utmost to assist the owner in finding alternative carers but shall not be liable for any consequential losses arising out of the owner not being able to secure an alternative.
  13. You agree that all repeat bookings or otherwise are channelled and booked through Holidays4Dogs. As a client of Holidays4Dogs booking service you accept that your dog’s independent carer whom you were introduced to by Holidays4Dogs must not be approached by yourself to accept a direct booking from you without also going through Holidays4Dogs. You also agree that you will not accept any offer of a stay from any of our carers without having booked through Holidays4Dogs. Termination and exclusion from using our booking service without re-fund may result and an introductory fee being made due payable to Holidays4Dogs by the carer.
  14. The Holidays4Dogs site and services are intended solely for persons who are 18 or older. Any access to or use of our site or services by anyone under 18 is expressly prohibited. By accessing or using the Site you represent and warrant that you are 18 or older.

Your dog’s details

Section 2. Your dog’s details 

  1. Your older dog must not be suffering from incontinence, complete blindness or severe immobility. Ease of access in the home will be taken into account when selecting your dog’s suitable carer but all dogs must be able to walk and get up unaided.
  2. All owners are required to complete fully and honestly the full dog details and agree to our terms and conditions of service. Failure on your part to disclose any matter whether material fact or not, which in our view might render your dog unsuitable for boarding with the carer or to use this home boarding service will amount to breach of conditions and termination of your dog’s stay without refund. Any behavioural problems must be disclosed.
  3. Your dog must not be suffering from any illness which may be transmitted to or cause ill health to humans or other animals.
  4. You accept that home dog boarding is not appropriate for all dogs, especially aggressive, poorly socialised, dogs.
  5. You acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility as the dog’s owner, having met our approved carer, to determine if home dog boarding is best for your dog and to select the carers carefully.
  6. Your dog must be Microchipped by Law, and to use our service.
  7. No dog registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 will be accepted for Holidays4Dogs home boarding.
  8. Holidays4Dogs approved carers reserve the right to not accept bitches on heat.
  9. Holidays4Dogs approved carers reserve the right to refuse your dog at the visit if they consider it to be with good reason un-suitable for their care.
  10. Your larger dog is expected to be under control at all times, trained and not over boisterous in the home.
  11. Your dog must be used to living and sleeping in the house and not in an outside kennel. Your dog must never have been used as a guard dog, police dog, for hunting or for any purpose whereby it would be trained to attack.
  12. You agree that not all our carer’s are expected to accept dog’s that insist on sleeping on the carer’s bed at night. If your dog requires close contact at night please ask and a suitable carer will be provided.
  13. Holidays4Dogs expect total honesty regarding your dog’s behaviour before your dog’s stay. If you or your dog’s carer are worried about how your dog will settle in a trial stay is recommended (minimum two days or one over-night) at the standard rate.
  14. Holidays4Dogs occasionally shares photo updates of guest dogs and resident dogs with site users and the public. You agree that Holidays4Dogs may, at its sole discretion, publish these photos on the site and across social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and similar sites. No identification will be given except the dog’s first name.
  15. Your dog must not show any aggression towards people. Should it show aggressive tendencies towards their carer, family or any member of the public you accept that your emergency contact will contacted and if your dog cannot be collected will be placed in a dog boarding kennel until your return. This will be subject to a £20.00 transfer charge. Aggressive dogs will not be welcome back to stay and there will be no refund.

Veterinary Details

Section 3. Veterinary details

  1. You agree for Holidays4Dogs to make any decisions regarding your dog’s health/welfare, providing it is acting in the best interest of your dog and the advice of a qualified veterinary surgeon. An emergency contact number for someone to make these decisions on your behalf must be provided. You agree to pay any vet bills that may be incurred on your return and understand that Holidays4Dogs reserves the right to charge against your credit card.
  2. You agree that if your dog attacks, or is involved in a fight with, another dog (and/or person) causing injury to that dog (and /or person), you will be responsible for any losses incurred as a result including, but not limited to, payment of veterinary fees in respect of injuries to another animal caused by your dog. We recommend but do not insist that your dog be insured against sickness, accident, or injury and for third party liability prior to boarding. Attention is drawn to section 7. Limitation of Liability and Release.

Damage to the carer’s own property

Section 4. Damage to the carer’s home or property

  1. Your dog must not be known to chew, scratch or destroy furniture or house fittings under normal circumstances. Should your dog’s behaviour become uncontrollable, destructive or unreasonable, you accept that he/she could be placed in a dog boarding kennel at your own expense until your return and will be subject to a £20.00 transfer charge.
  2. Any damages caused by your dog to your independent carer’s home or possessions other than reasonable wear and tear will be paid for by you directly to your dog’s carer on your return. Holidays4Dogs reserves the right to place damages incurred on your credit card.

Your dog’s stay

Section 5. Your dog’s stay

  1. You agree that if in extreme cases a dog is found to be destructive, aggressive, and completely unmanageable in the home or highly anti-social your dog’s carer may refuse to board your dog for the remainder of the stay. Holidays4Dogs will have no option but to contact you or your emergency contact. Your emergency contact will be expected to provide alternative care or arrangements will be made to kennel your dog at your cost. Every effort will be made to avoid such an event by you providing an honest account of your dogs and by having the open and frank discussion at the visit. Re-positioning of the dog concerned in an alternative home, depending on the problem, may be a possibility however this is not guaranteed. Remember we at Holidays4Dogs do not believe in kenneling but not all dogs are suitable for home boarding.
  2. You agree that your dog must be fully vaccinated before any stay (copies to be supplied) or in circumstances of Homeopathic treated or Titre tested dogs liability accepted and all parties in agreement.
  3. All dogs must be fully up to date with worming and flea treatments and that in the event of flea infestation your dog’s carer will treat your dog at your expense. You agree that Flea infestation in a carer’s home is a very serious matter and must be avoided at all stays. In the event of this happening you may be charged additional expenses by your dog’s independent carer or Holidays4Dogs for household treatment and compensation for loss of earnings following an infestation. These costs may include, but are not limited to, costs associated with treating a carer’s resident animals and/or home for fleas or flea prevention. It is the responsibility of all owners to disclose any knowledge of flea issues associated with their pets to all carers before any holiday stay or pre-visit.
  4. You agree to deliver your dog in a clean, groomed condition. Any dog requiring regular grooming should also be provided with appropriate grooming equipment.
  5. You agree that after 2 weeks following your stated return date you have not returned to collect your dog(s) and every attempt has been made to contact you and your emergency contact number without success then your dog(s) will be put up for re-homing.
  6. Holidays4Dogs reserves the right at all times to refuse access to clients of our service if it is in the interest of Holidays4Dogs or our Approved carers without liability, without cause, with or without prior notice.


Section 6. Insurance

  1. Holidays4Dogs approved carers are covered by our public liability insurance, care custody and control (our legal liability to animals in our care) and non-negligent cover (accidental injury to animals in our care). Insurance does not cover any vet fees for illness.
  2. It is recommended but not essential that Owners’s take out their own veterinary insurance and leave policy details on record.

Limitation of Liability and Release

Section 7. Limitation of Liability and Release

By using Holidays4Dogs services and that of our approved independent carer to board your dog/s in the carers home, you expressly assume the risk of any damages, including property damages or personal injury, which the carer or anyone else present in residence may suffer. It is the sole responsibility of you as the owner to make the decision to board your dog in the best interests of your dog, all those resident pets present, the carer, the carers family and all third party who may come into contact with your dog. It is insisted that all owners schedule a pre-visit with their dog/s to meet the carer in the carer’s home before providing dog boarding to mitigate as many risks as possible.

Should you agree to use Holidays4Dogs service and that of our independent carer you agree and acknowledge as follows:


Attention is drawn to The Dangerous Dog Act and all updates including https://www.gov.uk/control-dog-public  You must be aware that it is a criminal offence for you the owner and/or the person in charge of a dog to allow it to be dangerously out of control anywhere, such as in a public place, in a private place, e.g. a neighbour’s house or garden, in its own home or carers home. This law applies to ALL dogs. A ‘dangerously out of control’ dog can be defined as a dog that has injured someone or a dog that a person has grounds for reasonable apprehension that it may do so. Something as simple as a dog chasing, barking at or jumping up at a person or child could lead to a complaint.

Holidays4Dogs Approved Carer Code of Practice, Terms and Conditions

Code of Practice  

  1. Holidays4Dogs approved Carers shall practice with integrity, responsibility and trustworthiness and shall recognise their responsibility to their clients, clients’ pets, clients’ property, and society in general.
  2. The welfare of your clients’ pets shall be paramount and shall not be made subordinate to commercial consideration.
  3. All Holidays4Dogs approved Carers shall maintain professional relationships with their clients and shall not exploit such relationships for improper personal, professional or financial gain, nor seek inappropriately to impose their own values on clients. Carers shall not disclose any personal or private information about their clients.
  4. Holidays4Dogs approved Carers shall not unfairly or unprofessionally conduct their care in any way that would discredit the reputation of Holidays4Dogs.
  5. Holidays4Dogs approved Carers must not seek to attract or take business directly without going through the agency’s established booking system and must in the interests of our clients not board additional dogs from any agency or independently whilst a Holidays4Dogs client is staying. This therefore requires carers to operate exclusively with Holidays4Dogs and no other dog boarding/sitting organisation.
  6. Due to the exclusive booking service offered by Holidays4Dogs and welfare of dogs staying, approved carers are not permitted to operate private paying boarding clients.
  7. Holidays4Dogs approved Carers are required to accept and abide by this code, and to abide by and observe any other rules, regulations and pronouncements of Holidays4Dogs.
  8. Approved Carers are not permitted to speak on behalf of Holidays4Dogs in their endorsement or commercialisation of any product, service or in the event of interview or provision of information to any member of the press or other media.
  9. Approved Carers must not make misleading claims or statements in advertising or otherwise.
  10. Approved Carers must abide by the Terms and Conditions for boarding and caring for dogs (below)

Holidays4Dogs Approved Carer Terms and Conditions

  1. Holidays4Dogs approved Carers must genuinely love dogs and have experience of owning/caring for them. Approved carers must show evidence of having knowledge of basic dog training and general care for dogs for which they are responsible.
  2. All Holidays4Dogs Carers must undergo interview within their own home before approval and maybe re-visited at any time by prior appointment if it deemed necessary to inspect their premises to ensure that the Code of Practice and these Terms and Conditions are being adhered to. Where circumstances change (e.g house move) Holidays4Dogs will be required to re-visit the carer.
  3. Approved Carers are not permitted to board dogs from more than one owner at a time except where prior permission of each owner has been sought by Holidays4Dogs or in the case of pre-agreed cross over (delivery and collection times only). Dogs must be kept separately at all times.
  4. Approved Carers should not leave dogs unattended except for short periods only (2-3 hours) as agreed with owners, or in the case of an emergency an allocated key holder must have access. 
  5. Approved Carers should provide clean, dry, warm, draught-free bedding space; an area for dogs to relieve themselves; food and exercise to owners requirements and maintain the guest dogs normal routine as much as is possible.
  6. Carers must place a supplied, unique numbered Holidays4Dogs tag on each dog on arrival. This must be worn at ALL times, the number of which must be recorded on the dog’s holiday record or inform Holidays4Dogs of the allocated number on each holiday for each dog. Carers or owners are required to remove the tag upon collection at the end of the stay.
  7. Holidays4Dogs approved Carers must make contact and arrange to meet owners as soon as contact details have been supplied. It must be understood that all clients must have booked with Holidays4Dogs prior to arrival of the dog. Full confirmation details of the client and dog care details will have been provided.
  8. Approved Carers must ensure dogs are walked according to owner’s instructions at ALL times and NOT allowed off the lead if the owner has not given permission. Carers must ensure proper control at all times and dispose of excrement safely.
  9. Approved Carers must not transport dogs under their care by car except in cases of emergency i.e. to visit a veterinary surgeon or by prior agreement with the owner. Confirmed permission for travel is given by the owner on the dog details held on record. Holidays4Dogs insurance does not cover car travel.
  10. Approved Carers must keep safe provided records of all current dogs under their care for immediate reference i.e. contact details, feeding, exercise and veterinary details in case of emergency. Dog and Owner information is available at all times via the carers secure carer profile login.
  11. Approved Carers must show evidence of having knowledge of basic dog training and general care for the dogs for which they are responsible.
  12. Approved Carers must abide by all current Health and Safety legislation, National and Local Laws and Byelaws.
  13. Approved carers will never be expected to accept guest dogs that are aggressive to people. Any dog found to be aggressive towards the carer or any other person at the pre-visit must not be accepted. Holidays4Dogs cannot be held responsible for any injury to the carer or any person caused by any guest dog in any instance.
  14. Approved Carers are under no obligation to board/care for dogs if they choose not to. They are however expected to hold an obligation of care once they have accepted a booking. Under exceptional circumstances it may be possible to re-position dogs with an alternative Holidays4Dogs approved Carer with the agreement of the owner.
  15. Any Approved Carers that already look after a friend or relative’s dog on rare occasions may do so but Holidays4Dogs must receive full details of such dog to protect any Holidays4Dogs owner’s interest. Holidays4Dogs does not hold any responsibility what so ever for such ‘guest’ dogs and must never be passed off as such.
  16. Approved Carers must inform Holidays4Dogs of any new dog to the carer’s home whether this is a puppy, re-homed dog or a rescue. This must be done with as much notice as possible as this will affect any current and future bookings.
  17. Any new puppy to the Carers home must be given a minimum of six months training, socialisation, bonding and settling into the home during which time it is recommended that the carer does not board guest dogs. Any re-homed, mature dog coming to live with the carer must also undergo a minimum six month settling in period without guest dogs. This time must be spent socialising with friends and family’s dogs both inside and outside the home, training & settling in. Only after a break of six months is a carer permitted to return to boarding guest dogs. In the case of mature re-homed guard breeds continuation to board guest dogs may remain under review.
  18. All insurance and any License fees will be covered by Holidays4Dogs.
  19. Franchise area Carers understand they may be required to pay the annual carer membership/audit fee of £50 payable six months after joining.
  20. Approval will be cancelled for any breaches of the Code of Practice or these Terms and Conditions. In the event of cancellation, for any reason, the person concerned will have no rights to operate as an approved Holidays4Dogs carer and must immediately return their approval certificate and company documentation. Failure to comply or any active attempt following to ‘poach’ existing Holidays4Dogs clients will be met with legal action. As a Carer with Holidays4Dogs, you contractually agree that the first and all future bookings with a client from Holidays4Dogs will be booked via our site or via our office. If you book with any client outside of Holidays4Dogs you have to pay an introduction fee of £200 per client payable to Holidays4Dogs.
  21. The attention of Approved Holidays4Dogs Carers is drawn to the terms of the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963.
  22. “Holidays4Dogs” is the Trading Name of Holidays4Dogs Ltd and Holidays4Dogs franchising Ltd.

Terms of Insurance

Holidays4Dogs Carers are insured through the Holidays4Dogs franchise business owner for caring for owner’s dogs within their own Holidays4Dogs approved home whilst adhering to all the Holidays4Dogs carers code of practice, terms and conditions. This includes public liability, care custody and control and non-negligent cover. Personal home insurance or pet damage is not included. Holidays4Dogs cannot be held responsible for any injury to the carer or anyone in the home caused by any guest dog. Any claims are to be made through the Holidays4Dogs franchise owner.

Limitation of Liability and Release

By agreeing to serve as an approved Holidays4Dogs Carer  and board dogs in your home you expressly assume the risk of any damages, including property damages or personal injury, which you or anyone else present in your residence may suffer. It is the sole responsibility of Carers to make decisions that are in the best interests of themselves and their pets. It is strongly recommended that all carers schedule a pre-visit with all dogs and dog owners before providing dog boarding to mitigate as many risks as possible.

Should you agree to serve as a Carer with Holidays4Dogs, you agree and acknowledge as follows:

  1. I agree that I am and my children/child/ward are voluntarily agreeing to board a dog belonging to another at my home. I am assuming, on behalf of myself and/or my children/child/ward, all risk of personal injury, death or disability to me and/or my child/ward that might result or arise from the boarding of this dog in my home, or any damage, loss or harm to my reason or personal property which I or my children/child/ward may incur. I understand that the risks that come with boarding a dog who is not accustomed to me, my children/child/ward, and my home and that it has inherent risks; and
  2. I agree on behalf of myself and/or my children/child/ward and my/their personal representatives, successors, heirs, and assigns to hold Holidays4Dogs, its affiliates, officers, directors, agents and employees harmless from any and all claims or causes of action arising out of the boarding of this dog in my home. I expressly release and discharge releases from any and all liability, claims, demands or causes of action whatsoever arising out of any damage, loss, personal injury or death to me and/or my children/child/ward, while the dog is boarding in my home. This release is valid and effective whether the damage, loss or death is a result of any act or omission on the part of any of releases or from any other cause. This waiver and release of all liability includes, without limitation, any injuries, illness, or accidents, which may occur as a result of the dog boarding in my home. By proceeding with this transaction, I understand that I voluntarily give up my right to sue the above mentioned parties.

Attention is drawn to The Dangerous Dog Act and all updates including

https://www.gov.uk/control-dog-public  It is a criminal offence (for the owner and/or the person in charge of the dog) to allow a dog to be dangerously out of control anywhere, such as in a public place, in a private place, e.g. a neighbour’s house or garden, in the owner’s or carers home. The law applies to all dogs. A ‘dangerously out of control’ dog can be defined as a dog that has injured someone or a dog that a person has grounds for reasonable apprehension that it may do so. Something as simple as a dog chasing, barking at or jumping up at a person or child could lead to a complaint, so ensure that your guest dog is under control at all times.

This code of practice, terms and conditions are exclusive to Holidays4Dogs Ltd and are subject to copyright protection.