What is it like being a dog host with Holidays 4 Dogs?

Read some of these experiences and find out.

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“I have been working as a carer with Holidays 4 Dogs for 3 years now. I have met some wonderful dogs and made some very good friends too. We all share such a love of dogs that so often we have so much in common, it’s like we are old friends. I love the fact that regular dogs come back all the time and I know we shouldn’t but we do have our favourites!”



“The booking and administration is always very efficient. Working with Holidays 4 Dogs takes away all the hassle of organising myself. All I need to do is say when I am available and yes or no to dogs offered to me. Then I just look after the dogs in the best possible way I know how, that’s the easy bit.”



“I really enjoy working with Holidays 4 Dogs and the company of the dogs I have coming is absolutely wonderful. I love walking so having a dog with me fits in so well too. I have also met loads of new people out walking, somehow when you have a dog people stop and chat more. I know all the names of all the local dogs but I can’t say I remember all the owners names. I always like to introduce my latest guest too and point out the ones people have seen me with before.”



“I’m a new Carer this year and very much enjoying having different dogs to stay. All my dogs that have come are having repeat bookings for next year which I am really pleased about. My grandchildren love having dogs to walk. Nikki (North Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire) keeps me right up to date and I find the online calendar easy to manage”



“Really efficient and well looked after that’s how I’d sum up working with Holidays 4 Dogs. It is nice to be part of such a professional team and always know that there is someone on the other end of the phone or close at hand to help if I had a problem. I value the insurance too, I wouldn’t dream of taking on the responsibility of looking after other peoples pets without it. Working with Holidays 4 Dogs gives me complete peace of mind that I am not on my own.”



“I love the fact that I can meet my choice of dog before they stay and that I can be totally happy with any dogs coming. At first I was worried about this but it works so well that now I feel more and more confident that the dogs I get introduced to are exactly what I want. I always find the ladies in the head office so friendly and helpful and I always feel I can call them any time. I even like the fact that the money side is all sorted too. I’d hate to have to ask for money from anyone but all the owners (I’d actually have the dogs for free!) I have had have been so well informed over payment that it’s all ready and correct so I don’t need to pop the question.”