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Welcome to Holidays4Dogs in your area! We are delighted to offer dog owners like you a loving holiday solution with one of our home-boarding carers in a welcoming, cosy, home environment.

Most of us have to leave our dogs from time to time, whether it be a holiday, short break, work commitments or even illness. Added to the worry that your dog will miss you while you are away, kennels, family who don’t understand your dog’s needs and crowded home boarders may not be able to offer the love, required exercise, attention, safe care or stimulation your dog needs.  Holidays4Dogs experienced carers understand all your concerns and will welcome your dog with wide open arms into their home! They are ready to give your dog all the individual attention, exercise, home comforts and spoiling that you could dream of.  Your dog will be welcomed as part of our family and will have an exclusive stay. You will be invited to meet your chosen carer prior to any stay and before booking, to ensure you are 100% happy. Our carers are also of course happy to keep in touch with you the whole time you are away for updates.

dog sitting, pet sitting
dog sitting, pet sitting
dog sitting, pet sitting

About Us

Our aim is to help you find the best possible personal care for your dog so that you can fully relax while you are away, whether on holiday or otherwise.

From puppies to old timers, we offer a home from home with experienced carers who enjoy nothing more than looking after mans best friend. Of our local carers, some will either have a sociable dog of their own for a holiday playmate or no longer have a dog of their own and just enjoy the company of visiting dogs. We take pride in offering you a tailor made service with our local carers and will stay in touch throughout the whole process, from offering help and assistance to find the right carer in the beginning, through to a diary report on what they have been up to during their stay.

  • High quality reliable care
  • High standards
  • Fully insured and audited carers
  • Personalised 24 hour one to one care
  • Bespoke service
  • Safe, secure and stimulating environment

We look forward to giving your dog a great time! Please call us to find out more or register your details and we’ll be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

FREE registration and online booking discount.

 Individual one to one holiday for your dog!

Our carers want their doggy guests to have as great a time on holiday as you are. They will plan special trips out and take their charges on adventure days romping around the countryside if the dogs are up for it and generally have a fab time! Your dog will be the only guest dog (or dogs) staying so their needs will be fully catered for. Why not join your dog’s carer for a local walk at the pre-visit to see for yourself the walks your dog will go on?

Mid Wales and West Midlands, a glorious place to stay!

Our carers boast some fabulous walks right from the doorstep and offer an enclosed garden for your dog to stretch their legs and enjoy in between walks. Our carers will never leave your dogs unattended in the garden and are also at home all day to give your dog the love and attention they truly deserve on holiday. We check all our carers gardens and homes before a carer is approved to be part of our team and also invite you to do the same before booking. This way you you will go away with full peace of mind in leaving your dog with the right person.

Part of the family and all home comforts

This is why Holidays4Dogs works so well – our guests are welcomed into our carer’s home and treated as one of the family – just like they are at home. Our lucky dogs enjoy all home comforts as part of their holiday with us. Strictly no kennels and no crates (unless this is what  you supply). We understand that dogs can have sensitive tummies and different dietary needs and so always keep your dog on the same feeding regime that you provide.  Our carers are around throughout the day to offer care, feeding, exercise and follow any special requirements while providing a loving and engaging time for their holidaying pooches.

New Carers always welcome

  • Do you live in Mid Wales or the West Midlands area?
  • Are you retired or at home?
  • Do you have experience of having owned a dog?
  • Can you offer a pet dog a holiday home?
  • If you own a dog does it enjoy the company of another dog?
  • Are you able to give a guest dog plenty of love and attention?
  • Do you have a secure and dog friendly garden?
  • Do you have access to nice walks?
  • Are you an non-smoker?
  • Would you enjoy meeting other dog owners like you?

We cover all of Mid Wales, West Midlands and beyond

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  • We felt totally relaxed about leaving our dog with Joan and Holidays4Dogs. We knew instantly that she would be well loved and looked after. We would have no hesitation in recommending her.

  • Holidays4Dogs provides good homes where friendly, animal loving carers look after your dogs in their own homes.

  • Our dog's carer Carole was absolutely fantastic!! She sent me nightly photos of my dog Lucie to me over my phone to show me how she was doing. Giving me complete piece of mind thank you so much Holidayfordogs.