Holidays4Dogs North Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

Welcome to Holidays4Dogs in your area! We are delighted to offer dog owners like you a loving holiday solution with one of our home-boarding carers in a welcoming, cosy, home environment.

Most of us have to leave our dogs from time to time, whether it be a holiday, short break, work commitments or even illness. Added to the worry that your dog will miss you while you are away, kennels, family who don’t understand your dog’s needs and crowded home boarders may not be able to offer the love, required exercise, attention, safe care or stimulation your dog needs.  Holidays4Dogs experienced carers understand all your concerns and will welcome your dog with wide open arms into their home! They are ready to give your dog all the individual attention, exercise, home comforts and spoiling that you could dream of.  Your dog will be welcomed as part of our family and will have an exclusive stay. You will be invited to meet your chosen carer prior to any stay and before booking, to ensure you are 100% happy. Our carers are also of course happy to keep in touch with you the whole time you are away for updates.

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dog sitting, pet sitting
dog sitting, pet sitting

About Us

Our aim is to help you find the best possible personal care for your dog’s so that you can fully relax while you are away, whether on holiday or for work.  We offer a range of fabulous local carers, who either have a sociable dog of their own for a holiday playmate or who no longer have a dog of their own and enjoy the company of visiting dogs.

We are sure you will be over the moon with your dog’s holiday home and ask after all your dog’s needs but of course you will always be invited to meet and visit your carer before any stay – just to be sure you and your dog feel that you have the right match! That way, you can enjoy peace of mind and go away as happy as you can be.

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 Individual one to one holiday for your dog!

Our carers want their doggy guests to have as great a time on holiday as you are. All our carers have a fully enclosed, hazard free, garden for your dog to enjoy while on their holidays and are always attended when they are spending time in the garden. Some of our carers own a sociable dog of their own if your dog would like a holiday friend while others no longer own a dog of their own. We only accept guest dogs from one family at a time so there will be no other strange dogs coming and going. All the one to one love and attention will go on your dog.

Superb local carers, a glorious place to stay!

Our carers come from a variety of different backgrounds and all have something a little different to offer, but one thing that they all have in common is that they are genuine dog lovers! Whether your dog needs a large garden to burn off excess energy between walks or simply needs a comfy lap to snuggle on, we are here to help match your dog to their most suited carer. Come along with your dog and meet your local carer before your dog’s stay.

Part of the family and all home comforts

This is why Holidays4Dogs works so well – Your dog will be welcomed with open arms into our carer’s home to spend their holiday as part of the family. They will be treated  just like they are at home with all the love and attention they truly deserve. We have a mixture of families, couples, retirees and younger adults to cater to your dog’s needs and requirements, and to ensure that your dog will get the most enjoyment out of their stay.

New Carers always welcome

  • Do you live in North Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire?
  • Are you retired or at home?
  • Do you have experience of having owned a dog?
  • Can you offer a pet dog a holiday home?
  • If you own a dog does it enjoy the company of another dog?
  • Are you able to give a guest dog plenty of love and attention?
  • Do you have a secure and dog friendly garden?
  • Do you have access to nice walks?
  • Are you an non-smoker?
  • Would you enjoy meeting other dog owners like you?



  • As a new Carer this year, I very much enjoying having different dogs to stay.  All my dogs that have come are having repeat bookings for next year and everything is made so easy to manage. My grandchildren love having dogs to walk! Highly recommended.

  • I love every bit of it every dog is different but I love them all.  They all have their own personality.

  • I had previously used kennels occasionally when having to go away without my canine companion. The experience was 'ok' but lacking the personal touch and knowing that my dog would be receiving walks, cuddles and a home-from-home stay. This I have found in Holidays4Dogs! Nikki in north Oxon & Bucks has been so helpful and the carers first class.

  • Perfectly matched, obvious that Bonny is very happy, have booked twice more. We can enjoy our time knowing the dog is well cared for.

  • How thrilled we are that Rachel is looking after Fudge! She jumped out of the car today so excited to be back there again I had no qualms about leaving her at all. Rachel sent us numerous pictures whilst we were away  last week and we could see how happy she was. In fact Rachel said to bring her as early as possible today as they loved having her. Thank you for finding such a good match.