At Holidays4Dogs we know it can be a little unsettling for owners when they go away without their dogs. However, your carer will make sure¬† your pet’s stay is safe, happy and comfortable. But – just like us – holidays wouldn’t be holidays, without a suitcase full of essential items! Below you will find a checklist of all the essential items to pack for your pooch, as he prepares to go off on his very own vacation adventure!

When packing for your dog – here are some basic things to include in your dog’s suitcase: – food, treats, toys, lead, collar and identification tags. It is essential that you include any medication that your dog may need for the duration of his, or her, stay.

It is important that your dog has familiar things around them to help with the settling-in period, please find a list of everything that we ask you to provide for your dog, during their stay. We have added easy-to-shop links to some of the items, so you can add them to your basket and have one less thing to worry about.

Doggy Suitcase Checklist

  • Medication with detailed instructions on quantities to administer and when.

  • Food. Please include details of quantities and times your dog is fed.

  • Your dog’s bed. Make sure this is clean, but still smells of home.

  • Favourite toys.

  • Treats, with instructions on when they can be given.

  • Poo bags.

  • Collars and current tags for each dog.

  • Lead and extendable lead if used.

  • Clean bowls.

  • You may want to leave an item of your clothing with your pet for comfort.

  • Crate if your dog uses one

  • Car restraint/seat belt if your dog uses one.

  • Grooming brushes.

  • Contact numbers are very important. This information will be recorded on all paperwork at head office and with your local carer. We cover 24/7 hours and you will be contacted in the event of any emergency day, or night.

By packing these essentials, you can ensure that your dog maintains a normal routine and has familiar things around him. Our dedicated host families will be delighted to take care of the rest, so everyone can have a stress-free vacation. Happy holidays!