Specialised Pet Courses

Specialised up-to-date and accurate canine related programmes of study. Suitable for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career with animals, pet professionals or owners who want to know more.

Meet Caroline Clark

Lead Tutor & Principal

Caroline has over 30 years’ experience working within the animal industry. She is a qualified registered veterinary nurse and has a professional teaching qualification. Caroline’s teaching experience is varied, having taught students from level one through to undergraduateson degree courses. During her career she has worked for a number of colleges and was an external verifier for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, ensuring standards were met on the Veterinary Nursing programme.

Caroline is also an animal behaviourist and runs a referral clinic in Yorkshire. She is a full member of the APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors) and one of only a small number of specialists to have achieved the status of Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CAB) with the Animal Behaviour Training Council (ABTC). Caroline still maintains links with the veterinary environment, working as a clinical coach within a busy 7-branch veterinary hospital.

About P.E.T Courses

Pet Education and Training courses are an Open Education College for distance learning and hosted animal health and behaviour related courses in the UK and in all English speaking countries throughout the World.

Pet Education and Training courses provide specialised up to date and accurate canine and feline related programmes of study for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career or currently works with animals. However, courses also suit pet owners who just want to learn more about their animals.

Our courses are written and assessed by professionals currently working within the animal nursing, behaviour and training field. This means that we can share real-life experience with our students in order for you to develop professionally.

What is continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Most professionals in many sectors are expected to fulfil CPD.

For certain canine professionals CPD is required to track and formalise on-going study. For home boarders, doggy day-carers and kennel owners it is likely to be a requirement for obtaining or maintaining an Animal Activities license (AAL).

CPD is recognised by many employers and is a requirement for belonging to a number of pet professional bodies.

Structured CPD gives students and professionals a clear path to success within their current role and for progression to future ones.

Who Validates our Courses?

The CPD Standards Office accredits and validates many of our courses. They have a long-established reputation for providing high-quality courses. Working with other organisations such as the NHS and Open University, they add credibility to your course of study and their unique logo is displayed on each accredited course certificate.

What are the benefits?

CPD Accredited courses gives you peace of mind. It demonstrates that the course has been assessed against rigorous standards and, for pet professionals, shows your customers that you care enough to update your knowledge and skills.

  • Topics were broken down so that even those with no education in this field can understand it. I feel more equipped to deal with any emergency that arises with my own dogs and I enjoyed the relaxed way I was able to complete this course without any pressure or deadlines. Thank you Caroline!

    Layla Canine First Aid Course
  • I really enjoyed completing the first aid course for dogs. The information was interesting and informative, whilst being well structured and simple to comprehend. It was good to be able to come back to the course whenever I wanted to and take it at my own time and the videos and diagrams were helpful in backing up the information. Thank you Caroline.

    Hana Canine First Aid Course
  • I found the course covers a nice range of topics, with lots of information without being too wordy so it doesn’t get dull. I liked that it was broken up by videos and plenty of self assessments. Useful links to other websites as well, I learnt some new things which would be beneficial for my own dog!

    Lizzie Canine Health & Welfare Course
  • The course is very easy to use, I was able to navigate easily between lessons and pick up where I last left off on different devices. The course is written well and I found it really beneficial as a pet owner.

    Graham Canine First Aid Course