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Here at Holidays4Dogs we really appreciate the dilemma of finding the right place for you to leave your dog’s when you go away. Est. in 2006, we have 17 years experience in offering dog owners all over the country the peace of mind they need when leaving their dog and are delighted to offer you the same local service in your area.

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dog sitting, pet sitting
dog sitting, pet sitting
dog sitting, pet sitting

About Us

Our aim is to help you find the best possible personal care for your dog’s so that you can fully relax while you are away, whether on holiday or for work. Holidays4Dogs offers a range of fabulous local carers, who either have a sociable dog of their own for a holiday playmate or who no longer have a dog of their own and enjoy the company of visiting dogs.

All our carers are interviewed, fully audited and insured by us in their own home to operate to our high standards. They come from all walks of life and have experience with a great variety of different breeds of dog.

Please do not hesitate to register your interest online or call us for a chat.

 Individual one to one holiday for your dog!

We only accept dogs from one household at a time per carer and never split same family dogs. This means your dog will never be subjected to strange dogs coming and going during your dog’s holiday. Your dog may enjoy the company of the carers own dog to make their holiday extra special or alternatively they may prefer to be the only dog in the home. We have approved carers to suit all. Register your interest today and come and meet one of our local carers to see for yourself.

What a glorious place to stay!

We make sure our carers have a safe, dog friendly and enclosed garden. We also ensure there are great walks right on the door step so your dog can enjoy a minimum of two good walks per day (or whatever your dog requires). If your dog has excellent recall and you give permission,  most carers are willing to let your dog off the lead for a good run in a safe place. And of course after a good walk there’s plenty of TLC back in the carers home.

Part of the family and all home comforts

Every guest in our care is welcomed into the carers home and live with the carers family just as they would at home. All our approved carers are very experienced dog lovers and have time at home to look after your pet. Many of our carers no longer own a dog of their own and can’t wait to lavish all their attention on your dog. All our carers just love having regular guest dogs to stay and welcome old friends back again with open arms!

New Carers always welcome

  • Do you live in the Somerset, Bristol or Avon area?
  • Are you retired or at home?
  • Do you have experience of having owned a dog?
  • Can you offer a pet dog a holiday home?
  • If you own a dog does it enjoy the company of another dog?
  • Are you able to give a guest dog plenty of love and attention?
  • Do you have a secure and dog friendly garden?
  • Do you have access to nice walks?
  • Are you an non-smoker?
  • Would you enjoy meeting other dog owners like you?

We have approved carers all over the region

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  • This was our first holiday away from our dogs, and I was very anxious to leave them with people we didn't really know, but my fears were un-grounded, on our return  they appeared very happy  and had been well cared for. Judy and Andrew did a splendid job, and I would not hesitate to book them in again.

  • My little dog Chips went to stay with Patricia while I went on holiday. I was so worried would he be crying all the time etc. Well chips had a better holiday than I had. He was so well looked after and I don't think that he missed me once. I think that he missed Patsy and Pete when he came back to me. They are worth more than a 5* they are excellent. Chips is hoping to go back to them in October.

    P. PEACE - BRISTOL Dog Owner
  • Thank you for looking after our Westie, Poppy whilst we were on holiday. Poppy obviously had a lovely time, and we were very happy to leave her in Paul's care. We particularly liked receiving emails from "Poppy" with photos showing her having fun, which made our holiday more relaxing knowing that she was not missing us too much! I thoroughly recommend using this service and we will definitely be using it again.

    J. PHYLOSOFOU - Dog Owner
  • We've used Holidays4Dogs twice now and couldn't recommend the service more highly. Our dog Brecon was made very welcome at both carers homes and settled in really well. We were very nervous leaving her but we were reassured with photos and messages of how she was getting on. Having peace of mind that Brecon is enjoying her holiday allows us to enjoy ours - it may not be often that we holiday without her but knowing she has a wider family who take her in and give her the love and attention she needs makes a real difference.

  • Prince had a lovely time with his sitter Paul. Paul is very caring and looked after Prince very well. This is the first time I have used Holidays4Dogs and will happily do so in the future

  • So glad we have found this service cannot rate it highly enough, dogs were thoroughly spoilt a true home from home.

  • Our dog absolutely adores going on her holiday and can't wait to get rid of us at the door so she can get on with her stay! They give her fantastic long walks, play lots of ball and have taken her to the beach and even camping. She comes back so happy and very tired! We sometimes worry she enjoys being there more than at home but then I suppose that is the definition of a 'holiday' 😉 We feel very confident that they know her really well and care loads about her - she is a young rescue dog who has had a few rocky experiences but a great temperament so this is very important to us.

  • Our little dog Frankie has always stayed with friends or family but at times it can be too much to ask, so we found Holidays4Dogs! Cindy took Frankie for a weekend and I'm not sure she wanted to leave when we came to pick her up. Frankie was spoilt rotten, with lots of attention and games during her stay, she came home exhausted but happy. We would highly recommend this service to anyone who worries about leaving their dog behind. We had no concerns leaving Frankie, Cindy was clearly a dog lover herself and enjoyed having our Frankie to stay. Thank you Cindy and thank you Holidays4Dogs! Frankie is looking forward to her next stay with you hopefully soon.

  • We have used Holidays4dogs twice now and both times have been fantastic holidays for us and Brecon (our dog)! Having someone to give her the love and attention we would give her gives so much peace of mind on those few occasions she can't come with us! Our latest visit with Sue was amazing, Sue sent us photo updates which showed Brecon being completely at home and comfortable with her personality coming through. Be warned both times even though she was excited to see us she thought twice about coming home and leaving her new found family behind!

  • We used Holidays4Dogs for the first time very recently. A family member at the last minute was unable to look after our little dog for us which left us with a couple of weeks before going away to find somewhere else for him. We didn't want kennels, instead we wanted something as homely and nice as possible. It was the very first time we have left our little dog and he is like our baby! We came across Holidays4Dogs while doing a google search late in the evening and after looking at the website and the reviews from other people, we decided to give this company a go. First thing the next morning Holidays4Dogs were in contact to talk us through our booking and to help us find the right place and person for our little dog. That seemed such good service. The Carer suggested had a dog of their own and was local to us. After a visit so we could see where our little dog would be staying, so we could decide if it was right for him, we confirmed our booking. We left our little dog for the week while we went away on holiday and it was like he had a little holiday too, in the good company of another dog which we think was a good experience for him and we knew that he would be well looked after. We can't thank Holidays4Dogs enough for this and thank you also Cindy. If you're unsure about giving this company a go, I would say definitely give them a try.

  • We left our dogs a Great Dane and a Spaniel with William and Christine in Bristol, they enjoyed looking after them both and were comfortable with them in their home and confident with the Great Dane, when we picked them up they were both very happy and we could see they were well cared for. They enjoyed lots of walks and cuddles, Holiday4Dogs were excellent at finding this placement at the last minute, as we were finding it difficult to place the Great Dane, we highly recommend them.

  • Going on holiday is stressful enough but when it comes to finding the right people to look after your dogs is such a main worry. I searched online for someone who would love my dogs like I do, I found Holidays4Dogs and met a carer who absolutely loved my dogs as if they were his own. It really made me happy to know my dogs were going to have a good holiday. My first experience with Holidays4Dogs was so good, I will definitely use them again.  Thank you so much, hope to see you again soon.

    S. BARGE - CHARD Dog Owner
  • Fabulous service for anyone who is reluctant to use kennels - A really personal, professional service for your dog just like you treat your own dog at home. From a quick chat to assess your dogs needs, likes and dislikes the company then pair you with suitable carers. You then get to visit them and check you are happy with the placement and your dog is happy and also the carers who will be responsible for your dog are happy. Our Labrador was extremely well looked after and I would definitely use this service again 10 out of 10. .