Kennels or Cuddles? – What Would Your Dog Choose? 

There are some excellent boarding kennels around which may suit the needs of some dogs.

 However, does your dog get quite emotionally attached or, does your dog stress easily perhaps? In addition, are you worried about leaving your dog in un-familiar surroundings?

When it comes to holiday care for your dog; what would your dog prefer? A kennel, or someone’s home?

In many cases, the cost difference between home boarding and traditional boarding kennels is not as much as you might think. We firmly believe home boarding has so many more benefits for both dog and owner.  

What to expect from your home boarder.

  • A loving family home in a stress-free environment.
  • Your dog can sleep in his own bed.
  • A safe, enclosed garden for your dog to roam and play in.
  • 24 hour one to one care from your dog’s carer.
  • Carer gets to know your dog well and bonds closely.
  • Carer will give your dog a minimum of two good walks per day.
  • Lots of mental stimulation and interest is provided throughout the day.
  • Familiar ‘home from home’ surroundings with, or without, canine company (some carers have dogs of their own; some do not).
  • Soft furnishings, carpet and a warm lap.
  • Carer will quickly notice if your dog is unwell.
  • Home environment hygiene standards.
  • Feeding schedule and your dog’s usual routine maintained.

    What you can expect if you use kennels

    Dog in kennel

  • Your dog’s own bed may not be allowed.
  • Kennels can be noisy and stressful for some dogs.
  • Different members of staff may not bond with your dog.
  • Your dog may be exercised infrequently.
  • There may be little, or no, mental stimulation.
  • Un-familiar environment which may cause your dog stress.
  • No soft furnishings, carpets, or warm lap.
  • Your dog’s ill health may not be noticed very quickly.
  • Sterile environment and harsh chemicals.
  • Possible change of food.  In addition, your dog may not eat at his usual times and may also lose his, or her, appetite altogether.
  • Your dog may be ignored for long periods.

    Leaving your dog with an registered, experienced, comprehensively insured carer, is a choice many dog owners prefer. It really is a very good happy medium to kennels or, house-sitting. You do not have to leave your dog in a sterile kennel environment, or open your home to un-known house-sitters.