Lollipops 4 Dogs!!

Finally, we are basking in some proper summer sunshine!  I’m sure all our Holidays4Dogs carers and clients are enjoying this beautiful weather.  And of course the dogs do too – but do bear in mind some dogs; puppies and elderly dogs especially, do suffer from heatstroke and exhaustion just like we do.  A good rule of thumb is that if you feel overheated and too hot, your dog will be feeling the heat too.  Check out our other Holidays4Dogs article with tips for keeping your dog cool during the hot weather.

A great way to cool down is to consume ice cold drinks and lollies and just as we enjoy a refreshing treat on a balmy summer’s day, our dogs do too!  It’s not only dogs; many zoos also provide their animals with cooling treats during hot weather, including the elephants at Blackpool Zoo who enjoy delicious ice lollies made from fruit, frozen in large buckets!

Of course ideally, any treats need to be healthy and appropriate for dogs.  Human ice creams and lollies aren’t really that good for dogs since they contain too many additives and sugar, but it is easy to make your own treats suitable for your dog to enjoy.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.  If any readers have any other suggestions please do let us know so we can share with all our Holidays4Dogs friends!

Veggies and Fruit. 

If your dog is used to eating greens or fruit this is an easy way to provide something refreshing – simply pop apples or bananas in the fridge and provide whole or chopped.  Alternatively you can try blending (electric blender or juicer if you have one) a variety of foods such as peas, cooked sweet potato, cooked or raw carrots, tinned tomatoes, green beans etc – mash everything up and place in plastic lollipop containers or ice cube trays and freeze until solid.

Chicken and Beef Stock. 

These make lovely tasty lollies for dogs – just remember not to use stock that contains too much salt – ideally stock from your own home cooking would be best.  If you feed your dog dried food it is always best to soak this in warm water from the kettle before feeding to your dog anyway – if you soak the meal and then drain off the excess fluid you will be left with a runny ‘gravy’ which you can then also put into containers to freeze.

Fruit Juices. 

Again quick and easy – but just check  the sugar content, as some juices contain too high quantities for dogs.  Squeezing your own fruit is ideal and you could then mix it with natural yoghurt to make delicious ice treats that all the family will enjoy – not just Rover! 

Baby Foods.

These are great to make into ice lollies for dogs.  Choose organic brands if possible.

Frozen Tuna Treats. 

These make really tasty treats for dogs – and cats too!  Use tuna in brine and don’t drain the tin as the water helps with the freezing process – add a little more water and beat well in a bowl – (better still pop it in a blender if you have one).

Tips – There are loads of different types of receptacles for freezing your doggy treats – plastic lolly makers are cheap as chips and available from supermarkets – ice trays come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes – but,(depending on the size of your dog), you could equally utilise old yoghurt pots or margarine tubs just as well.

Use different coloured plastic lolly makers and ice cube trays for your family and your dog!  There’s surely nothing worse than popping a beef broth ice cube into your drink by accident!