5 Vulnerable Dog Breeds in the UK.


According to the UK Kennel Club, there are 32 breeds of dog classified as vulnerable. This means they are in danger of being forgotten and possibly in some cases, lost forever.  Holidays4Dogs looks at some native breeds of dog on the vulnerable list. This article may be of interest to anyone looking to purchase a puppy from the more unusual breeds.


During the covid lockdown of 2020, people were buying dogs in greater numbers. In fact, dog owners rose by a whopping 80% in 2020. However, most opted for more popular breeds such as the French bulldog and Siberian husky. Established native breeds such as English setters and King Charles Spaniels are still less favoured by prospective dog owners.

Choosing a new puppy? Consider a vulnerable native breed of dog.

Many quintessential and once popular British breeds are rarely seen these days.  However, many of these dogs could make perfect family pets if only people knew they existed. By raising awareness, the kennel club hopes to help increase the numbers of registrations for some of our wonderful and historic breeds of dog, which could otherwise fade away forever.

Holidays4Dogs has chosen four breeds from the Kennel Club’s vulnerable list. You can find out more by contacting the Kennel Club for lists of breeders. Breed clubs are always happy to welcome interest in less popular breeds of dog.

English Setters.

Sadly, these stunning dogs are classified as a vulnerable breed in the UK. This is a shame as they are fantastic dogs that make brilliant family pets. They are energetic, fun-loving dogs, similar in temperament to Golden Retrievers and happy to go on long countryside walks, or take part in field trials.

Skye Terriers.

These dogs rank high on the vulnerable list with just 36 dogs registered in 2020. Skye terriers were made famous by the story of Greyfriars Bobby, but these gregarious little dogs are now at risk of being lost forever as a breed.  They are hardy but glamorous dogs and make wonderful house pets and companions, while at the same time robust enough for family life and country rambles.

Smooth Collies.

Smooth collies are virtually unknown in the UK. They are a wonderfully versatile breed, being very intelligent and easy to train and, just like Border Collies, love partaking in dog sports such as agility or, obedience, as well as being great family pets. Their long-coated cousins, portrayed in the famous ‘Lassie’ movies, are seldom seen these days.

Curly-Coated Retriever.

This is another breed that fails in the popularity stakes. The ever popular Labrador, or Golden Retriever still hold the top spots when it comes to the choice of pet dog. This is a shame as these dogs have just as much to offer. Curly-coated retrievers are rarely kept as pets or working dogs.  They are, however, just as good tempered, fun-loving and intelligent as other retriever types.

Glen of Imaal Terrier.

These are little dogs with bags of personality, but sadly another dog that many people have never heard of, let alone seen.  They have strong sporting roots and have typical terrier characteristics. If you are a fan of the Jack Russell or Patterdale Terrier, this little fellow could equally fit the bill as a lively little companion.

Prospects for vulnerable native dog breeds.

These are just five breeds that Holidays4Dogs has chosen from the vulnerable dogs list. However, there are many more to choose from and you may just find your perfect, albeit unusual, next pet and maybe even help ease them away from the brink of extinction.