Are Laundry Pods Dangerous To Dogs?


If you are wondering if laundry pods are dangerous to dogs, you’ve come to the right place. In short, they do indeed pose a danger to people and pets. Read our Holidays4Dogs article to find out more.

Incidents of children and pets ingesting toxic chemicals from laundry detergents has been on the increase in recent years. Many experts put this down to new laundry gel pods which often resemble food products. 

These tubs of brightly coloured liquid pods now carry additional warnings on the packaging. Figures last year showed there was more than one incident each day in the UK involving laundry capsules and children under five. Tragically, there has been one death from a child ingesting a liquid gel laundry product.

Symptoms of toxic poisoning from laundry pods.

These pods are also highly toxic to pets. Even when ingested in small amounts the liquid can cause gastrointestinal upset, vomiting and diarrhoea. The detergent in washing liquid pods is highly concentrated. Pods made from natural ingredients can still cause a dog to become sick. 

Because the substance in liquid laundry pods foams in the mouth if ingested, this can then make the dog vomit. As a result, the foam can be pulled into the lungs – which in the worst cases can cause suffocation. 

These capsules can also cause burns to the skin and internal organs if ingested. In addition, they can also cause damage to the eyes if splashed in the face.  

There have been hundreds of incidents of children having to be hospitalised world-wide. Most children do recover, but parents and dog owners should be aware of the dangers, thereby avoiding their child, or pet, becoming unnecessarily sick. 

What to do if your dog ingests laundry detergent. 

If you think your dog has licked, or eaten detergents, try to dilute the area as quickly as possible by rinsing the fur, or washing the mouth. It is always wise to seek veterinary attention immediately, particularly if your dog is vomiting, having difficultly breathing, or seems unusually lethargic. 

Cleaning products stored under the kitchen sink is not always the best place as this is accessible to small children and pets. For extra safety – keep cleaning products and detergents in cupboards high up and well out of reach.