The benefits of baby gates for dogs.

Baby gates are brilliant pieces of equipment if you have a dog or puppy in the household; many of our trusted Holidays4Dogs carers use baby gates as extra security when they have doggy guests.  There are many uses for baby gates and many types to choose from – Holidays4Dogs provides some handy hints and tips on baby gates for dogs.

Puppies in particular can be mischievous and into everything, so a baby gate is an ideal way to contain him indoors in a safe dog proof environment while you are engaged with other things.  One room is easier to dog proof than a whole house and it is easier to keep your puppy away from poisonous plants or electrical wiring, for instance.  It can prevent your puppy from accessing areas where he can get up to no good, like sneaking into your bedroom and chewing up your best shoes!  A baby gate will also prevent your dog from roaming the whole house while you are out and you can leave him alone knowing he will be safe while you gone.

The use of a baby gate can provide a safe haven for your dog without having to resort to containing him in a crate.  If you are planning a party or large get-together a baby gate can keep your dog separate, but without isolating him completely from what is going on.  It prevents him from getting up to mischief and if you have guests who are not as keen on dogs, it provides a happy medium of not having to shut him away completely, but with the knowledge he can still watch proceedings without slobbering all over aunt Flo!

Baby gates are also really useful if you have cats in the household as they prevent Fido from getting into the kitty litter tray.  Cat litter can cause problems for dogs if they ingest it, from intestinal blockage to vomiting and even infection from any internal parasites the cat might be carrying.  If cats don’t feel safe and secure when they need to carry out their ablutions, they may be tempted to use another part of the house, such as behind the sofa or under the bed.

Baby gates are also ideal for multi dog households where there may be a need to separate dogs, such as providing them with ‘quiet’ time, feeding times or treat time.

Baby gates are also useful for keeping babies away from dogs!  It is always crucial to supervise any interactions with babies, toddlers and dogs – if you need to turn your attention to something else for a short while, the use of a baby gate will provide you with peace of mind that the baby and the dog are not going to harm one another – or maybe even turn into partners in crime! – My son once emptied the biscuit jar all over the floor, (and the dog), who promptly tried to ‘hoover’ up the mess, whilst simultaneously mashing most of it into the carpet!

Many gates on the market are pressure mounted and transportable, ideal for when you go on holiday or visit friends and, of course, they can be moved to different areas around your own home between rooms and hallways. However, never use a pressure gate at the top of the stairs.

Consider quality when looking to purchase a baby gate and choose one that complies with a recognised standard for home safety barriers, from a respected supplier.  Alternatively, you can purchase gates specifically made for dogs – many of these are higher than standard child baby gates, so ideal for the more boisterous dog, or large breed dogs.