Christmas Dinner Recipes for Dogs

Everyone likes to indulge in some tasty goodies over the festive period and our dogs are no exception. Christmas is the best time of year to treat yourself and your loyal pooch! Read on for some healthy Christmas dinner for dogs recipes.

We have plenty of advice on what sorts of human foods are NOT good for dogs, (at any time of the year not just at Christmas). If you need a quick reminder though, head over to our other articles, here and here.

Many people like the idea of their furry family members joining in with Christmas dinner on the big day. However, many of the foods we enjoy are bad for dogs, so you need to be careful what you’re plating up for them.

There are some festive foods which are OK for dogs to eat in moderation. These include;-

Meat. Make sure this is skinless and boneless and has no seasoning. Turkey, beef and chicken are all safe for dogs to eat.

Fish. Fresh, or tinned fish, is fine for dogs to eat. Again, this should not be smoked, or seasoned, in any way.

Vegetables. Vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, cabbage and peas are also ok for dogs to eat. However, don’t give them leftovers as this may be coated in gravy, or other sauces, which may upset your dog’s tummy. 

Avoid fatty foods or anything coated in lots of oil. Roast potatoes, for instance, may cause upset tummies. Sausages and bacon, (pigs in blankets) will also probably be too rich for most dogs.

If you prefer to make your dog his very own Christmas dinner dish, here’s an easy recipe;

1 cup of cooked diced turkey, chicken, or beef. (Or a mixture).dog sitting, pet sitting

I half can of tinned salmon.

I grated carrot (Raw).

1/2 cup of mashed potato. (No added salt, seasoning, milk or butter).

Sprinkling of peas or, green beans.

1 teaspoon of stewed apple.(No sugar added).

You can adjust quantities to ensure you are feeding your dog an appropriate-sized portion. It’s a good idea to feed your dog a Christmas dinner which is perhaps half the quantity he would normally eat in one sitting. Top this up with a smaller portion of his usual meal later in the day.

You can also make your dog’s very own mince pies. However, make sure these don’t get mixed up with normal mince pies, as these are extremely bad for dogs.

*Never use a mince-meat mixture meant for human consumption.*

Mince pies for pups recipe:


200 g of plain flour

splash of olive or coconut oil

1 beaten egg

For the filling

Diced cooked turkey, chicken, or minced beef


Mix the flour and oil together, then slowly add the beaten egg until a dough forms. Add a little water if needed. Roll the pastry out and using a small pastry cutter (or a suitable sized glass), make bases to fit in a greased muffin tin.

Fill each case with cooked, diced turkey, chicken, or minced beef. You can also add a small amount of pre-prepared bone broth. This must not be the type of bone broth people eat as this may contain salt, seasoning, or onions. You can find a dog friendly recipe, here.

For other ideas for homemade festive dog treats take a look at our other Holidays4Dogs recipe article.

If you don’t have time to make dog treats, most high street stores and supermarkets stock pet-friendly Christmas goodies and gifts.

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