Proud Mum Tallulah

Well, this is a first! In all 16 years of Holidays4Dogs we have never had this happen before!

This month one of our lovely East Yorkshire dog carers called Ann had a very unexpected (but lovely) surprise! 5-year-old Chocolate Labrador Tallulah gave birth to 5 puppies while on holiday with Ann and Holidays4Dogs! 

Ann exclaimed ‘As you can imagine our first thoughts were, Can she really being going into labour a week before expected and 2 hours before her owner is due to pick her up?!!!’ but Tallulah had other plans and decided today was the day despite her owner not expecting her to go into labour,  as in her previous pregnancy she was ‘like a beach ball, about to pop!’

‘It was a mad scramble finding blankets, towels and a box and settling her into a quiet space to nest’ says Ann. Of course, Tallulah thought otherwise and decided to give birth on her favourite place, the sofa in Ann’s kitchen!

Fortunately, Tallulah was an old hand at being a mum as she’d had 2 previous litters, Ann and her daughter were however complete novices. Tallulah instincts took over and just 30 minutes later her first puppy was born. 

East Yorkshire Dog Carer Ann Bennett

‘To see the puppy being born was absolutely amazing!’ says Ann ‘I must admit it brought a tear to my eye’! We spent the next 3 hours feeling scared, excited, anxious and in complete awe of these tiny, noisy babies.

We were very relieved when Tallulah’s owner Sharon arrived and just intime to see her last 2 puppies being born.

‘It was an experience as a family that we will never forget, we wouldn’t have missed for the world’! says Ann. 

Proud Mum Tallulah had given birth to 4 girls and a boy. We’re pleased to hear Mum and pups are all doing really well.

Well done Tallulah, you were pawsome!

Carer of the month definitely goes to East Yorkshire based Ann for being Extra amazing!