What is home dog boarding?


Home dog boarding is when your dog goes to stay in someone else’s home where your dog lives as part of the family with their own bed, food, toys and enjoys all the comforts of a home while away. There are no kennels and no cages involved. The stay must always be personal and one to one providing all the loving care, attention and exercise that your dog requires according to your instructions.

Just as you are right for your dog, your dog’s carer must be right for them too. Not everyone will be suitable for your dog and neither may their property, so look closely into suitability for YOUR dog. Be aware of the consequences of using online directories of un-audited and often un-insured carers and read all the Terms and Conditions of any service. Never just go for the nearest or the cheapest option for your dog, they’re better than that! Research well and read on….

At Holidays4Dogs we know all our carers. With careful consideration and listening we will help you to select a suitable choice of carer for your dog. Your offered carer will not only be located as close as possible to you but they will also have confirmed their availability when you need them and importantly match all your dog’s needs.

Once suitability has been matched, you will be invited to meet your dog’s carer at the carer’s home. You will then be given the opportunity to book your Holidays4Dogs carer and a happy successful stay will follow. If for any reason you or your dog’s carer has any concerns over suitability at the visit an alternative matched carer will be offered. Our aim is to provide you with complete peace of mind leaving your dog with an approved Holidays4Dogs carer. Your dog’s carer will be someone you can trust, can rely upon and know that your dog will be happy with when you go away. Booking with Holidays4Dogs home boarding means you have the assurance of being part of a professional, reliable and experienced organisation providing the very best in customer satisfaction before, during and after your dog’s stay.

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