How do Holidays4Dogs Carers differ from other Home Boarders?


Holidays4Dogs do not approve carers just over the phone. All of our carer’s are met in their own homes and the property and gardens fully inspected and approved by one of our experienced team members.

  • All of our carer’s dogs, if they have one, are met by us and are character assessed by one of our experienced team.
  • We visit the carer’s area and do not just Google Map it! We see for ourselves the local rural walks or parks available right from the carer’s property.
  • All our carers have full personal references followed up by us.
  • Holidays4Dogs carers are well known by their own vet as a professional registered approved Holidays4Dogs carer.
  • Holidays4Dogs holds a professional reputation, the care of your dog and customer care are of the utmost importance to us.
  • Holidays4Dogs only welcomes carers who reach and maintain our very high standards.
  • Your dog’s personal carer is supported by our experienced Holidays4Dogs team.
  • Holidays4Dogs carers are proud to work with the UK’s market leader in home boarding.
  • All our approved carers are dedicated to giving the best service possible to owners and their dogs.
  • Your dog’s carer does not accept other strange dogs while your dog is with them. Your dog’s carer is personally chosen to suit your dog’s needs and will devote their time to your dog only.
  • Our carers are responsible to Holidays4Dogs code of practice, terms and conditions and are fully insured through Holidays4Dogs.

Holidays4Dogs fully appreciate the position of the trust and responsibility they hold.  Our Holidays4Dogs carers not only genuinely love dogs, they know dogs too. In fact, our dog carers are very often people just like you, they all love to look after your pet in the best way possible.

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