Is my dog suitable for home boarding?

While most dogs can thrive in a home boarding environment, there are certain circumstances or characteristics that may make some dogs less suitable for home boarding. Holidays4Dogs will discuss your dog’s needs/characteristics with you and advise. Here are a few examples:

  1. Aggressive or Reactive Dogs: Dogs with a history of aggression or reactivity towards people are not be suitable for home boarding. The close proximity to other dogs and unfamiliar people in a home boarding setting can potentially lead to conflicts or unsafe situations. Holidays4Dogs will insist on one of our non-dog owning, experienced carers if your dog is reactive to other dogs, however your dog must never be aggressive or reactive towards humans.
  2. Dogs with Separation Anxiety: Dogs with severe separation anxiety may struggle in a home boarding situation where they are separated from their owners and placed in an unfamiliar environment. While knowing this some of our carers are prepared to never leave your dog alone, the stress of your dog being away from their familiar surroundings and routines can exacerbate their anxiety and lead to behavioural issues so please consider carefully and ask for a trial stay.
  3. Dogs with Specific Medical Needs: Dogs that require intensive medical care or have chronic health conditions may not be suitable for home boarding unless the caregiver has the necessary expertise and facilities to provide the required level of care. While some dog carers are happy to provide specialized treatments, medications and frequent monitoring, only a carer who is willing to take on extra medical needs may be offered.
  4. Unsocialized or Fearful Dogs: Dogs that are not well-socialized or have significant fear or anxiety issues may struggle in a home boarding environment with new people and surroundings. It’s important for these dogs to have a calm and carefully selected Holidays4Dogs carer where they can receive specialized attention and behaviour modification if needed.
  5. Dogs with Highly Active or Special Exercise Needs: Some dogs, such as high-energy breeds or working dogs, require extensive exercise, mental stimulation, and structured routines. Not all home boarders can adequately meet these needs, it is therefore important to  select a carer who can meet these needs otherwise a regular carer may not be the best option for these dogs.

Holidays4Dogs considers it crucial to consider the individual needs, temperament, and behaviour of your dog when deciding whether home boarding is suitable and what carer is best for you to meet. If your dog falls into any of the above categories, alternative options such as specialized boarding facilities, in-home pet sitting, or hiring a professional dog sitter who specializes in challenging cases may be more appropriate. Consult with a professional, such as a veterinarian or a dog behaviourist, to determine the best care options for your specific dog.

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