I’m Worried About Leaving My Dog With Someone Else.

 At Holidays4Dogs, we completely understand the concerns many dog owners have about leaving their dog with someone else. Whether for business, or pleasure – going away and leaving the family dog behind can be hard. If you are worried about leaving your dog with someone else – read on for some help and reassurance.

It is not unusual to feel worried about leaving your dog with someone else – especially a stranger. However, our network of Holidays4Dogs carers are all genuine and exceptional dog lovers from all walks of life.

Our trusted, approved carers have all kinds of qualities and experience to suit every type of dog. However, what each carer has in common, is that they adhere to a strict code of conduct when it comes to looking after guest dogs.

Every single carer is comprehensively insured. Do make sure that anyone you employ to care for your dog is qualified and insured to do so.

As an absolute basic requirement, all carers must have a fully enclosed, safe, dog-friendly garden and access to lots of nearby walks. We never accept full-time workers. The majority of our lovely hosts are retired, or work from home.

All our carers have had years of experience of dog owning themselves. They too, understand and empathise with some of the worries that owners might have when leaving their dog with someone else.

Here are a few common concerns that dog owners may have and how we can take away those worries;

1. They won’t be careful enough and might let my dog run out of an open door –

All our carers are extremely vigilant about making sure all doors are closed before, for instance, the front door is opened. Many carers utilise baby gates around the house for extra security, especially if they are aware they are caring for a Houdini. Generally speaking, we don’t accept carers whose front doors open directly onto the street.

Our carers will happily exercise guest dogs off the lead, if owners agree to this. However, if owners prefer their dog is always on the lead during his holiday, this is fine too. Either way, our carers take the responsibility of caring for other pets very seriously, and all are comprehensively insured.

2. They will never manage my dog’s naughty behaviour! 

Our carers are all highly experienced dog owners themselves – we don’t take anyone without several years of dog owning experience.

All carers are well versed in the habits that dog owners get used to as second nature – such as keeping bins out of the way, keeping expensive vases out of tail-sweeping reach, keeping hazardous materials locked away and removing temptations for any counter surfing.

As well as this, we have lots of carers who have expertise in managing more challenging canine behaviour.  Although, we cannot accept aggressive dogs, we do regularly cater for the more the boisterous pooches, or ones needing a little extra patience and understanding.

3. My dog might develop bad habits.

Holidays4Dogs takes lots of information about your dog and your dog’s habits. This will include any training he’s had and what you, as the owner, expects of him.

You and your dog also get to meet your carer long before a dog stay is booked. This is when you can chat about your dog over a cup of tea. You will have the opportunity to explain in detail about your dog’s behaviour and personality and see where your dog will staying. Your carer will make a note of anything significant.

If, for instance, you do not allow your dog on the furniture at home, this will be strictly adhered to by your carer. If you do not tolerate begging, you can rest assured that your carer will not spoil your dog, by offering him titbits during his holiday. On the other hand, if you want your dog to have every home comfort and be spoilt rotten – your carer will happily oblige.

4. My dog won’t get as much as attention as I give him.

Our carers are chosen, not just for their professionalism and trustworthiness, but crucially for their genuine passion for dogs. Many of our carers are retired people and they relish the fact they can spend their days looking after lots of different dogs, from different families.

They may have had dogs all their lives, but now don’t want full time responsibility for a pet – perhaps they wish to travel, or spend time with grandchildren. Looking after other people’s dogs from time to time, means they get the best of both worlds.

We don’t take on carers who have work commitments which take them away from home for long hours. The majority of our carers work from home, or are retired, or semi-retired.

Also, while some of our carers have dogs of their own, (many do not), there will only ever be your dog being cared for. We never mix dogs from other families at the same time. This means your dog has the full attention of his, or her, host family.

5. What if my dog gets sick while I am away? 

One important concern for people anxious about leaving their dog with someone else, is the worry the dog may become sick. In the rare event that your dog becomes ill while you are away, your carer will make sure your dog is taken promptly to a vet.

Lots of our carers are experienced in canine health and know the signs to look for in a sickly dog. Your dog will be taken to your own vet, or one approved by you, if you are local to your carer. Otherwise, in an emergency, your dog will be taken to the nearest available practice, or on-call vet.

Pepe is on his third holiday with one of our wonderful carers.

Final thoughts

Our carers are passionate about caring for dogs – and look after them as they would their own. Some carers will provide 24/7 care for dogs.

Some owners find they are a little upset when they collect their dog and he doesn’t appear to want to go home. However,  rest assured that your dog will not forget you. He will be perfectly happy to return to his carer on another occasion though.

Leaving your dog for subsequent holidays will become familiar – it will be like leaving your pet with extended family. Our carers love having repeat stays and getting to know their four-legged guests over the years.

As well as complete peace of mind, many of our carers will provide updates and photographs via text, or social media. This means you can check in and see what exciting things your dog is getting up to.

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