Lesser Known Dog Breeds in the UK


The Labrador retriever is one of the world’s best loved dogs. There are also a few other dog breeds like the ‘cockerpoo’ which have had an incredibly strong following in recent years. But what about lesser known breeds of dog in the UK? Holidays4Dogs finds out more.

There are so many well-known popular dog breeds in the UK. The dog loving population have long favoured breeds like collies and spaniels. Jack Russell terriers have always been much loved pets and so has the good old fashioned mongrel.

Lesser known dogs.

According to ‘YouGov’, an international research data and analytical group; one of the most un-popular dog breeds in 2015 was the Chinese Crested.  Indeed, the dogs in the bottom ten of the rankings were small dogs, or at least those with reputations for being feistier.

Chinese Crested are a relatively rare breed in the UK and possibly not regarded as the most attractive. The hairless variety, in particular, lack the fluffy, cuddly features of some of the more popular small dog breeds.

Some breeds have gradually lost favour over a number of years and become un-popular with would-be owners.

As a result, they are less noticed by would-be dog owners. For example, the Australian Silky Terrier had just 4 registrations in the UK in 2020. It is rare to see these dogs unless you attend popular dog shows. Likewise, the Polish lowland sheepdog is a little known and therefore, rare breed in the UK.

Family favourites.

The King Charles spaniel remains firmly in the shadow of his cousin, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel The Cavalier  remains one of the most favoured breeds in Britain, as well as in the U.S. and Japan.

While the Border collie stays a firm favourite with many families, the rough and smooth collie don’t have such an eager following. In fact, the smooth variety has dwindled in numbers over the past few years to just 72 registrations in 2020.

Some of the more common breeds of spaniels and retrievers have stood firm as widely regarded family pets. However, the Sussex spaniel, field spaniel and curly coated retriever have remained unpopular choices for the majority of people.

While some of our native dog breeds have declined over time, it doesn’t mean to say they don’t still make the most wonderful companions.  If you want to find out more about rare and unusual dog breeds in the UK you can read our other Holidays4Dogs articles on the subject.