Hi my name is Jess. I hope you enjoy my holiday diary with Aunty Jane and Uncle George and Holidays 4 Dogs.

This is me settling in on my first weekend after my Mummy left. I’m on Auntie Jane & Uncle George’s comfy settee. I had my bones and chews with me and had loads of attention. I knew i was going to love it here!SAM_1413


Uncle George gave me lots of lovely tickles and cuddles which helped me feel at home as I’m a little timid. Soon I was feeling quite at home.







George told me we were going to have a great time together and where we’d be going for walks later. It sounded fun! SAM_1418







The next day Uncle George and Aunty Jane took me to the Rail Trail at Gromont. This was very exciting – I saw some white woolly things in a field which Aunty Jane told me were sheep. I decided I needed to bark at them to make sure they stayed where they were.







The Rail Trail was great as there were lots of puddles to walk through and drink from and had bushes at the sides to investigate. I made sure there were no birds left hiding!SAM_1425

This is me with Aunty Jane having a rest. You can’t see the sheep but I know they’re there somewhere…SAM_1428


Next we went to Sandsend beach, it was great!! I had a good paddle and took Uncle George for a run.SAM_1437





I was very excited as I came to stay with Uncle George and Aunty Jane again for a second weekend! We went to Kildale woods this time which was full of noisy birds which Uncle George and Aunty Jane told me were pheasants. I made lots of them fly about and make funny noises and was dying to chase them but Uncle George kept tight hold of my lead so I couldn’t. SAM_1466



Uncle George tried to explain that he just couldn’t let me go off chasing them.  SAM_1470

I was quite muddy from the woods so Uncle George gave me a nice warm bubble bath when we got back.SAM_1448


This is me back on the sofa for a warm up and more cuddles. I can’t wait to go back, thank you Aunty Jane and Uncle George.SAM_1422

See you again soon, Jess xx