5 Independent Dog Breeds.


There are many different breeds of dogs in the world, all with different characteristics and personalities. Whether you prefer a dog that sticks to you like glue, one that hangs on your every word, or one that prefers the sofa – there’s a breed of dog to suit everyone. Holidays4Dogs has put together a list of 5 independent dog breeds to help you decide.

Probably the majority of people want a dog for companionship and affection. However, some people prefer an independent breed. A dog that enjoys company, but is equally happy to do their own thing.

The independent type of dog, however, still needs as much care and attention as any dog. They are also just as intelligent as any dog. However, they do perhaps prefer to do things at their own pace! This sometimes means they can be more challenging than breeds that thrive on direction all the time.

Siberian Husky.

If you want to take a look at this breed in more detail, read our other article here.  Huskies are a popular breed, but they are not the dog for everyone. They tend to be an independent breed, have a strong desire to roam and can also be persistent escape artists.

They are generally not regarded as ‘clingy’ dogs, so this does mean they can be a little more challenging to train. However, they are very sweet-natured and loving with their family and don’t tend to constantly beg for attention.

If you have the patience for training and have a secure environment, the husky can make a laid back family pet.


The Beagle is a small compact little hound, but they can be fiercely independent. Once they get their noses on a scent, it can be hard to get their attention. This means recall training can be quite challenging and many beagles must have safe, secure place in which to run free. Although they can be on the stubborn side, they do make happy and playful companions. With enough exercise and company, beagles can make loving family pets.


Greyhounds are a very quiet breed with sweet, loving natures. However, they can often suffer from separation anxiety. While they might not want to constantly engage with their owners, they don’t like being left alone for very long either.

Many greyhounds don’t require as much exercise as you might think. They are built for short bursts of speed.

Be warned, though – because of their strong prey drive, many cannot be let off the lead. They require a safe, enclosed area, away from livestock, or other small prey, (including cats).

Shar Pei.

This ancient breed of dog has a distinct aloof nature. They will usually accept being left alone longer than some other breeds of dog.  This is not to say, however, that they will tolerate excessive amounts of time on their own. They are generally calm dogs, but are sometimes described as strong-willed. Therefore, like other breeds with an independent streak, they can be harder to train.

Jack Russell Terrier.

These engaging and gregarious little dogs can make great pets for energetic families. However, their independent streak can make them more of a challenge when it comes to following instructions.

The jack Russell was bred to be an avid hunter and many individuals have strong hunting instincts. As a result, they might not always get along with other dogs, or household pets such as cats.

It is essential to keep them well exercised both mentally and physically to ensure they don’t get into too much mischief.


All the dogs we have mentioned here can make lovable and loyal pets in the right home, but all have an independent streak, If you want a dog that hangs on your every word, you might want to consider other canine candidates. At Holidays4Dogs we accept all breeds. However, this excludes any banned breeds, or dogs that are aggressive towards people, or other dogs.