An Unusual Breed – The Pumi

In June 2016, the American Kennel Club recognised its 190th breed of dog – The Pumi.  In this Holidays4Dogs article, we look at some of the facts about this unusual dog breed.

The Pumi originates from Hungary and is a relative of the Hungarian Puli where, these days, they are actually few in number, being more popular in North America and Europe.  The original Pumi was developed during the 1700’s as a herding dog. It is thought they have German and French prick-eared sheepdogs in their ancestry.

These dogs are very characterful as pets but they may not be for the fainted-hearted. As a herder and hunter, they are energetic dogs with a wilful streak. That said, they are intelligent too, so they are amenable to training and have a knack of understanding what you want of them fairly quickly. They are also affectionate dogs with their family, having cheerful, happy-go-lucky natures and a desire to join in with family activities.

They are quite comical-looking dogs with elongated muzzles and fuzzy, floppy, ears that give them a teddy bear appearance. In fact, they look more like terriers than typical herding breeds. Their fur is quite long and thick but tends not to form into cords like the Puli. The coat is always a solid colour in shades of grey, reddish brown, or black.  Coats are generally easy to keep clean, but they do need daily grooming to keep them clean and tangle-free.

Pumi agility The Pumi is a medium-sized breed, but they do need a lot of exercise as well as mental stimulation. Having an incredible zest for life, they love ball, or frisbee games and they excel in agility skills.

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