5 Things Dogs Hate about People!

Our four-legged pals are pretty tolerant creatures when it comes to living within a human family. But, what if they could talk? What would be the top five most annoying things that our dogs would complain about? Holidays4Dogs takes a light-hearted look at 5 (possible) things dogs hate about people.


While both humans and dogs love touch, hugging is not always appreciated by every dog. The majority of dogs will accept the odd hug but, very often, they don’t enjoy it as much as we think. A dog’s greetings involve sniffing, tail wagging and play bowing. Hugging, however, is an altogether alien concept as a form of communication, or affection.

While dogs will grasp each other during play, this is usually in an assertive way to signal to other dogs that they are in control. Some dogs may be very happy to receive cuddles, but do be aware that not all dogs find this human trait enjoyable.

If your dog is uncomfortable with being hugged, you may see the following signs;


  • lip licking, or tight lips,

  • ears pulled back,

  • pulling away, or stiffening the body.

  • teeth baring, growling, or snapping.

  • Humans and dogs, despite their close bond, are very different and communicate in different ways; hugging is one of those behaviours that many dogs just don’t feel comfortable with. Of course, there is always the exception to the rule!

Going on a walk without being allowed to sniff.

Dogs are able to find out so much information about their environment by using their noses and it can be pretty frustrating if they don’t get the opportunity to do this. Sometimes it’s a great idea to just let your dog choose the route and go on a ‘sniff’ walk. Let him follow his nose and his interests and see where it takes you – as long as it is safe and practical to do so.

Owners being absent for too long.

This must be the worst nightmare for dogs considering they are such social creatures. A dog should be provided with plenty of opportunity to mix with people, and other dogs, for a large part of every day. If left alone for long periods, they will often develop behavioural issues such as excessive barking, or destructive behaviour.


When your dogs stares at you this can be a sign of affection, or he may be trying to gain your attention. However, many dogs dislike being stared at directly and, therefore, it is something you should avoid – especially with strange dogs.

When a dog stares it can be a sign that a dog is fearful, or uncomfortable for some reason. It is often associated with resource guarding. Therefore, if you stare at your dog, he may see this as threatening.

Mixed messages and inconsistency.

Giving a dog mixed messages is extremely confusing for him. However, it is an easy to make this mistake because dogs and humans communicate in very different ways. For example, you may allow him to jump up on you some of the time, but then tell him off if it happens when you are wearing your best clothes.

The dog doesn’t understand that one set of clothes is different from another. He knows that the rules have somehow changed but cannot comprehend why. If he cannot see there is a pattern which determines your reactions, or approval, he may very well become anxious in general about contact with you.


If our dogs could talk, we reckon these would be 5 of the top things they would complain about when it comes to the dog/human friendship!