How to Use a Kong


Kong’s are great toys for dogs. These hollow, rubber devices can be stuffed with all manner of goodies which will keep your dog occupied and relaxed. They are ideal for times when your dog may be a little anxious because chewing helps soothe dogs. They are also good for adding enrichment to your dog’s day and will help keep them entertained. If your dog is booked in for a stay with Holidays4Dogs, do let your carer know your pooch is used to having a Kong. Unfortunately, we don’t supply them, so don’t forget yours and a selection of ingredients to put in it.

1 Choose a Kong of suitable size.
2 Push a piece of freeze-dried liver in through the top opening, or a piece of cheese or some peanut butter will do.
3 Fill two thirds of the cavity with dried kibble/pieces of tasty treats.
4 Fill the final third with canned food, or cooked mince.
5 Wedge a biscuit across the end opening.
6 Leave a nice titbit sticking out of the end opening – this will provide an immediate payoff and entice your dog to really get serious about the job.
7 Give to your dog!

It is important for dogs to succeed at their work so make it easy to remove the Kong stuffing at first. As they become more experienced, you may wish to make their job more challenging.

Alternative Kong Recipes

1 Pack the stuffing tighter.
2 Wedge biscuits inside the cavity using the inside rim of the opening to secure them more tightly.
3 Freeze it! Try various combinations of canned food, gravy, noodles, rice and mashed potato mixed with food nuggets and then freeze. Kongsicles are a favourite with many hot dogs! Put a dab of peanut butter in the small hole of the Kong to plug it, turn it upside down in a cup, fill it with water or chicken broth and then freeze (recommended for outdoor use!)
4 Cheese it! Mix cheese pieces, or cheese spread, with food nuggets and microwave for approximately 90 seconds. This will create a crust which sticks everything together inside. Allow to cool to a safe temperature before giving to your dog. Note: use a cup to contain the Kong when freezing, or microwaving.
5 Be creative. Develop a variety of recipes but be sensitive to your dog’s tummy as you experiment.

Kong hunting

Hide stuffed Kongs indoors and out. The hunt is great fun and rewarding. Make sure you provide stuffed Kongs at random times so they won’t be associated with you leaving. If your dog is unstuffing several Kongs per day, ensure you appropriately reduce the quantity of bowl feeding.

Clean Kongs thoroughly after use – a dishwasher is recommended.

Liver cake recipe

Ingredients: 2 lb liver
2 lb flour
2 eggs, beaten
1 whole head of garlic

Method: Liquidise the liver and combine with the flour and eggs.
Crush all the cloves of the head of garlic and add to mixture.
Line a baking tin and pour in mixture.

Bake in a moderate oven until set (approx. 20-30mins).
When cool, remove from tin and cut into tiny pieces.
Freeze in appropriate amounts ready to use
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