Anna Turner-smith

West Sussex Dog Boarding Carer Profile – Anna

Hello my name is Anna. I live in a lovely village in West Sussex with my husband and two children. We are a five minute drive from Gatwick airport and also have  lots of wonderful country walks close by. We have a large enclosed garden for your dog to make themselves at home in. A short while ago we lost our beloved greyhound ‘Patch’ to old age and we are missing having a four legged friend in the house. Life doesn’t seem the same without someone staring at me while I eat my lunch, or jumping up every time I open the fridge!!! When we heard about holidays for dogs we knew straight away it was the right company for us. They are professional and efficient  and offer 24 hour support with full insurance. Being a carer is the perfect opportunity to meet dogs again of all different shapes and sizes. We have a lot of love and time to give and will offer your dogs a home from home.

Coordinators comment: Melanie met Anna and her family in her home and found her to be  a delightful, charming young woman, with a lovely family, who made Melanie most welcome.  Anna’s husband, Mark, is very keen to help her with any dogs that came to stay and his job gives him the freedom to get home at very short notice if it were ever required so he can provide good back-up to Anna if needed. Anna and Mark’s children, 8 ½ and 6 ½ years are also delightful, and Anna is at home with them except for two days a month when she works as cabin crew planned well in advance.

Anna & her family live in a very pleasant modern house in a very residential area. The house is clean, stylish and well decorated, and you immediately feel welcome and comfortable. The house and garden are both ideal for dogs, and the garden is spacious and secure. Anna advised that they would be happy for dogs to climb on the furniture, and go upstairs at night and even to sleep in their bedroom at night. They are happy to have puppies to stay and have plenty of room available for a crate.

The family lounge is dominated by a picture of their dearly missed Greyhound and their sweet daughter greeted me holding a box – which turned out to contain the greyhound’s ashes !! Both Mark and Anna grew up with dogs so are missing not having a dog at the moment, and are extremely keen to have nice doggy guests to stay.
They confirmed that their favourite dogs are Greyhounds and Spaniels – No guard breeds or Staffies sorry.

Highly recommended carers and looking forward to meeting you and your 4 legged friend.

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