Dog care in Evesham – Irene

Several years ago Irene had a lovely Cocker Spaniel called Louis. Irene’s was lucky that her father-in-law always did the dog-sitting for them if we went away but after he suffered a stroke Irene’s father-in-law was no longer able to help. This was when Irene had to put Louis in kennels a couple of times but found it ‘a very upsetting experience’. Louis was so unhappy and pined for his family, he was even hoarse from barking when Irene collected him. Irene recalls that the people who ran the kennels didn’t seem to care about him as an individual dog and when she rang them to tell them that sadly he had died and they needed to cancel their booking they were completely unsympathetic and couldn’t even remember his name! I vowed ‘I would never use kennels again’ says Irene. Louis had died suddenly at only eight years of age; Irene recalls they were absolutely devastated and still miss Louis to this day. We couldn’t bring ourselves to replace him; partly because we were so upset but also the worry of having no-one to look after our dog when we were away and having to use kennels was a factor in the reluctance to have another dog. But Irene & her Husband so missed having a dog running to meet them at the end of a hard day, having the companionship and faithfulness of their own dog and going for daily walks.

Then, after teaching for 30 years Irene was made redundant. She decided to opt for a change of direction but was not sure what else she wanted to do, that was until one day while out shopping she saw the advert for Holidays 4 Dogs  home dog boarding and thought it looked interesting. Irene immediately applied to become an approved carer. ‘I have found it a wonderful way of enjoying the fun of having dogs yet still being able to go on holiday and weekends away without the worry of ‘who will look after my dog?’. says Irene. ‘It’s been great to have such a variety of different dogs, all with their own special characters’. Irene’s repeat doggie clients have become familiar friends and of course getting to know their owners too has been great. ‘I’m so glad I decided to become a carer with Holidays 4 Dogs!’ Irene enthuses.