Why is Hard to Find Homes for Brindle Coated Dogs?


A few years ago the RSPCA revealed that brindle coated dogs have a much harder time finding homes. Between 2012 and 2015 the average time it took to re-home a dog in their care, was 41 days. Sadly, for dogs with brindle markings, the timescale was 65 days.  Why would this be? Holidays4Dogs investigates.

Brindle dogs have unique coat patterns which sets them apart from other dogs. The dog’s coat appears ‘stripy’ – mainly with black, or dark hairs, against reddish, or tan undercoat. However, beneath this distinctive exterior, these striking dogs are just like any other.

Some dogs will have this pattern over their whole body and others will have patches of these markings. A brindle coat involves complex genetics and it means that no two dogs are ever exactly the same. Greyhounds, lurchers, Staffordshire bull terriers and boxers, commonly have this coat pattern.

A good dog is never a bad colour!

While the saying goes, ‘a good horse can never be a bad colour’, we believe the same applies to dogs too! Brindle dogs have just as much love to give and have just as muchdog sitting, pet sitting potential as any other type of dog.

Sadly, the reluctance for a lot of people to have a brindle coated dog means they still have difficulty today in finding new homes.

In addition, dogs with brindle coloured coats are more likely to be abandoned, or given up for adoption. Therefore, many of these dogs have a tough time from the offset.

However, all dogs have unique and wonderful personalities. Dogs with brindle coats can make lovely family pets, just the same as other dogs with distinctive coat types and markings.

It is not understood why dogs with brindle coats tend to be overlooked by potential adopters.

However, since the brindle pattern is usually quite dark in pigment, they may suffer from the same effect that many black coated dogs do. These too, similarly find themselves waiting in dog pounds far longer than dogs with lighter coloured coats.

The influence of folklore.

dog sitting, pet sitting

Phoebe sunbathing with one our Holidays4Dogs carers.

Black dogs are portrayed in ancient folklore as guardians of the underworld. People may subconsciously have this in mind when they are considering adopting a dog.

There is the assumption, perhaps, that dogs with darker coats, including brindle dogs, are more aggressive, or difficult to handle than others.

Dogs with this coat colour often tend to be medium, to large in size. This may add to the illusion that they won’t make such nice family pets – however, this simply isn’t true.

The fact remains, brindle dogs are no different to any other; they can be just as loving, have just as much to give and have beautiful and uniquely stunning jackets to match!

If you are thinking of adopting, there are many brindle dogs in rescue shelters desperately looking for a chance of a loving home.