Meeting Your Dog’s Holidays4Dogs Carer.


You will ALWAYS get to meet your dog’s carer first so that you know exactly where your dog is and who he, or she, is staying with. Not all home-from-home dog boarding services operate in this way.

Initial meeting

Always arrange a first meeting in daylight hours and never feel you have to rush the visit. If the carer has a dog of their own, it is essential the meeting is conducted calmly. Our carers are experienced with this, so be guided by them.

Carer H&E.YWe suggest that you take both dogs for a short walk together, before entering the carer’s home. This will give you and the carer a chance to ascertain whether there are likely to be any obvious clashes between the dogs. While this is unlikely – since we will have assessed the temperament of any dog carer – very occasionally, some dogs don’t gel.

Once in the house, allow your dog time to investigate and have a sniff around. Your carer will show you around the rooms that your dog will have access to during their stay. You will also be invited into the garden.

The more familiar your dog is with the surroundings, the more relaxed they will be when they arrive for their holiday. If your dog is nervous, allow them to gently go to the carer when they are ready, letting the carer know how your dog reacts to new people.

No carer will force affection on your dog, but they will expect some interaction. If there are other members in the household, you should be able to meet them too.

Sitting and chatting with the carer over a cup of tea should allow everyone time to feel comfortable. This gives you plenty of time to find out more about the carer and to tell them all about your dog and his/her home routine, likes and dislikes etc.

Preparing for your dog’s stay

Always ensure you have confirmed your booking with Holidays4Dogs. This can be done by making your booking fee payment for your selected dates. In addition, return your dog’s boarding agreement form with your dog’s care details.

Just having met your carer and agreeing to drop off does not mean your dog is booked in, or expected. N.B – You will not need to visit your carer before any subsequent bookings with them. However, if you choose another carer, you will need to pre-visit your new carer.

Make sure you have enough food and, importantly, medication for the duration of your dog’s stay.

Dog boarding checklist

Food and any medication/treatment

Do feel free to call, text or email your dog’s carer at any time to see how your dog is doing. Your dog’s carer would be more than delighted to keep in touch.

If possible, please arrange to deliver your dog to his, or her, carer no later than mid-afternoon (especially if it is a first-time stay). During this time, your dog will have walks, a meal and several visits outside to the garden. This way your dog will be well acquainted with where everything is before bedtime.

Arrival day.

You may be nervous about leaving your dog – especially if this is your first time – but try not to convey your anxieties to your dog, arrive with the feeling that this is a `day out`. Familiar beds, blankets and favourite toys, will help comfort your dog while he is settling in.

When your dog arrives for their holiday, Holidays4Dogs require that they wear one of our identification tags at all times. Please assist the carer by attaching this to your dog`s collar before leaving them.

Settling in.

This holiday is going to be grand!

It is not unusual for dogs to show signs of mild anxiety. However, your carer will know how to reassure your dog. Your carer will distract your dog by fussing him if this is what he likes, taking him to the garden once you have left and then taking him out on a lead walk.

The first night of home dog boarding may feel strange for your dog but rest assured most dogs settle well. Your dog’s carer will always be within hearing distance, or even closer at hand depending on your dog’s sleeping arrangements.

Please make sure your dog is wearing a suitable collar on arrival that is tight enough to avoid slipping out. Also bring with you, your dog’s usual lead and harnesses. Remember your dog’s carer will always walk your dog according to your instructions.

If you have a young puppy, please inform your carer of your training methods; (positive only please!). If your pup is used to sleeping in a puppy crate, do let your carer know.

Final thoughts

Holidays4Dogs would like to assure you that your dog will be safe and extremely well looked after by your chosen approved carer. They will do everything they possibly can to ensure your dog’s happiness for the duration of their stay.

Holidays4Dogs aims to provide complete peace of mind for every dog owner and a happy, contented dog on your return. Many of our dogs look forward to repeat stays with their carer and, likewise, our carers enjoy having lots of familiar pooches visiting regularly. and 4Dogs are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commission fees by advertising and linking to the following websites. Read our full disclosure agreement here.